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Sitebuilder Experiences?

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by timtrott, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. timtrott

    timtrott Guest

    How are you using Sitebuilder? --As an added service for your hosting clients? --As a way to get new customers?

    How are customers reacting to Sitebuilder?

    Are you selling new accounts using the demo or do they just look at the demo and leave? Are demo users creating sites or stopping at the default template?
  2. timtrott

    timtrott Guest

    Now, here is the real question: Are you getting new customers with Sitebuilder? My own experience in 8 months is that about 5 people go to the demo each day but all that is stored is an empty default page, as if they leave on the first screen. Not one single customer has been generated and almost nobody even selects a design template.

    What is your experience? Does it generate real hosting customers for you?

    Do all the features (e-shop, statistics, guestbook, photo album) function correctly for you?

    Sitebuilder 2 is a great improvement over the original version. In my experiece the Photo Album and Guestbook work well but the E-shop has problems rendering pictures.
  3. nwdhosting

    nwdhosting Guest

    As a "new customer" generation tool, SiteBuilder doesn't really work all that well.

    However, as a tool that we can use to "build value" in the minds of our existing customers -- it works great!

    Our web hosting service is more expensive that the hosting services offered by the Googles, and the Yahoos, and the Network Solutions of the world. Typically these folks offer some outlandishly low price, like $3.00 for a whole year of hosting, but with no frills or features.

    Using SiteBuilder, we can charge much more than they can, since we're providing features that they don't.

    The biggest compliant we get from customers is the lack of integration between SiteBuilder and the PWSE in Plesk. Ideally, people would love to be able to design the initial site in SiteBuilder, and then be able to go in and do updates in the PWSE.
  4. dnerty

    dnerty Guest

    I'm in hosting bussines for 10 years now, only I can say for this sofware is that I have never seen a software with so many bugs in my life. It is useless.. I will not renew my license!