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Sitebuilder - Localization Pack Problem

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by ottomanlast, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. ottomanlast

    ottomanlast Guest

    Hello everybody.

    I have a big and important issue about SiteBuilder
    I'm currently using SiteBuilder 4.2.108 for Windows on my server along with Parallels Plesk 8.6 for windows.

    Since Parallels does not have a localization pack for Turkish language, I decided to create my own.
    First, I downloaded the localization development pack from parallels website, which is for SiteBuilder 4.2 - Windows.
    Then, I translated all phrases in the .sblp file.

    When I tried to create executable for my translation, I got this error:

    Error Given LP source contains sections that are not predefined in the metainfo file: ; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\PurchaseStep.ascx; rad::Spell::SpellDialog.xml; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\App_LocalResources\FotoliaSearch.aspx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\FinishStep.ascx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\LoginStep.ascx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\App_LocalResources\ImageCrop.aspx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\UserInfoArea.ascx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\SelectStep.ascx; Web\Admin\ComponentsMgmt\Modules\App_LocalResources\SitePalSettings.aspx; rad::Editor::FormatCodeBlock.xml; Modules\SitePal.Design\Localization; Modules\SitePal\Localization; SiteBuilder.Fotolia\Resources\Localization; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\App_LocalResources\FotoliaPurchase.aspx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\PurchaseWizard.ascx; Web\Wizard\EditPage\Fotolia\Controls\App_LocalResources\ProgressBarStep.ascx; rad::Spell::RadSpell.xml

    I thought I made a mistake while translating. Then, I tried to create an executable of which the original language came along with localization tools and sources. Boom, I got exactly the same error.
    Which means, The Localization Compiler even can't compile the original sources that came with package.

    What I did is, I removed all sections mentioned in the error description from my translation source.
    Then I tried to compile, and hopefully created an executable for my language. So far, so good (need critics!)

    But, when it come to install the package, I had an interesting error:
    Unsupported version of SWSoft Sitebuilder for windows installed

    Right now, I tried to download a so-to-say "supported" language package like "German" or "French". Whoops, download1.parallels.com server does not responding :) This would be the final step.

    From now on, I'm really waiting a satisfactory answer from Parallels Suppor Team about this, and I'll inform you guys about the answers later.

    P.S: Don't prejudge, I have Parallels SiteBuilder 4.2 license key WITH "unlimited localization support".
  2. ottomanlast

    ottomanlast Guest

    Nope, Parallels support team haven't answered yet. What is going on guys ?
  3. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Please check ftp://download1.parallels.net/ site is back again. By the way, it is better to use official download pages like http://www.parallels.com/products/sitebuilder/lp/. Here you can get officially supported language packs.
    Could you please provide me with localization kit version you have? Latest update version you can find here: http://www.parallels.com/ptn/download/localization/ and here SDK can be found http://www.parallels.com/ptn/download/sdk/.
    It is also suggested to upgrade to latest version and use latest SDK and localization tools.
  4. savast

    savast Guest

    dont installed sitebuilder 4.2 turkish lang

    dont installed sitebuilder 4.2 turkish lang
  5. savast

    savast Guest

    plss help me

    Not install turkish language file not convert msi file.

    türkçe dil dosyasını nasıl yükleyebilirim yardımcı olurmusunuz?