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Source code on Edit page in wizard

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by snyhof, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    I am setting up my own default pages where I am adding some code in the source code area.

    However, I need to be able to change a customer number inside the code on the Edit page in the wizard. Currently there is only a script for this type of option, can a source code button be added to the tool menu that can allow me to change my code?

    If not, I can add a script to a standard page, but that would defeat the very nice option of premade pages in a page group.

    Even if it is only available from the admin access.
  2. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    Modules in 4.0

    Another way I could do this is to create my own modules. Is there a way to create a module? I do not see an option for this?
  3. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest

    Hello, Steve,

    I didn't get what's customer number and what script actually should do. If you explain it, I'll try to find out a solution.

    WYSIWYG isn't customizable yet - there wasn't any request about that yet :)

    SDK for creating own modules would be a great feature, I agree, and we're working on it. Unfortunately, it's unavailable yet.
  4. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    Re: Re: Source code on Edit page in wizard

    I am using the script module to add my script for now. That really works fine for me.

    Once I am able to creat my own modules I can create script modules to be dragged into the page, for now I am copy and pasting, which is fine.

    No problem. Looking forward to SDK to create modules if possible.
  5. lordnahkim

    lordnahkim Guest

    Yes guys, not being able to edit the html source in the wysiwyg is limiting. Imagine we want to add a video from YouTube - we can't add html to the page. Please will you update the product to support html editing in fckEditor. Thanks!!
  6. jbays

    jbays Guest

    Add YouTube video to a sitebuilder page

    You can add a YouTube video to a sitebuilder page. An example is here: http://www.scentdispenser.com/

    Just put this in a script module and drop it into a page and all is well...

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"
    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425"

    Maybe you wanted to do it a different way though? I'm not sure...just wanted you to know it was possible.

    Good luck,
  7. lordnahkim

    lordnahkim Guest


    Thanks for the reminder, yeah - you are correct. I tried to use that as a compelling point for Parallels to enable the source - but you trumped my case. I really just want html source in the content area so we can paste good clean markup into it and also help clients clean up their often hideous content additions to their sites. I guess we'll just have to css every single html attribute the wysiwyg creates!