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SSL iis vs. Plesk

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by danhur, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. danhur

    danhur Guest

    I am new to Pleask and struggling with SSL

    I have a dedicated hosted server on GoDaddy that has Plesk 7.5 I am doing away with another server that has an installed SSL cert that works fine with https the normal Windows 2003 way.

    I term serv into the server.
    I created a new CSR using the IIS Manager wizard and rekeyed the certificate and was able to install it on the new dedicated server at Godaddy. I did not add the certificate to Plesk.

    Turn on no anonymous access to a directory under my website and turn on require secure Chanel SSL for said directory. Again in IIS.
    doesn't work. Added Computermanagement user with Group rights as user. Added users group to C:\Inetpub\vhosts\xyz.com\httpdocs\clients

    Says no page can be found when going to https://xyz.com/clients

    Went to Plesk and tried adding certificate

    Couldn't because the trying to upload the files generates an error Unable to set the private key. etc.

    There are three boxes required for doing it manually.
    1. Private Key
    2. Certificate
    3. CA Certificate.

    I have three files from my ssl provider
    the original CSR
    the xyz.com.crt file
    and the sf_issuing.crt file

    What leads to what.

    Also will adding the Certificate to Plesk for my domain will this get SSL to work for this directory?

    Anyone completely solve this gets whatever he or she wants. Period. GoDaddy support said we dont know Plesk well enough to help you. your on your own. I am about to rebuild the server without Plesk.
    Thank you
  2. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    You can only upload certificates to Plesk in .pem format
  3. danhur

    danhur Guest

    Thank you; I thought PEM format was for Apache?

    How do I convert the .crt files i have to .pem format?

    I got the original certs from GoDaddy.

  4. DavidL

    DavidL Guest

    Your biggest issue here is probably lacking a .key file,

    There are 3 parts to generating and installing a certificate.

    1) Generate a private key
    2) Generate a CSR
    3) Apply for, receive, and install a certificate.

    When you transfer a certificate between servers, you have a couple of options, but normally you need the private key part no matter which way you transfer it. If you were going directly between IIS servers, you could generate a .PFX file with the key included and just install that in the new IIS server.

    Since you are doing a Plesk install, you should try to get both the key and cert parts and upload them as plaintext in the certificates section of Plesk.
  5. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    to convert certificate from pfx format to .pem you should go to %plesk_bin% folder and use
    openssl.exe pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -out cert2.pem -nodes
    of course you should do it from command prompt