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SSL on global Server...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by PatriceBois@, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. PatriceBois@

    PatriceBois@ Guest

    Hi all...

    Each time i access to my plesk control panel i have this error :


    There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

    The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
    Click here to close this webpage.
    Continue to this website (not recommended).
    More information

    If you arrived at this page by clicking a link, check the website address in the address bar to be sure that it is the address you were expecting.
    When going to a website with an address such as https://example.com, try adding the 'www' to the address, https://www.example.com.
    If you choose to ignore this error and continue, do not enter private information into the website.

    For more information, see "Certificate Errors" in Internet Explorer Help.


    Is there a possibility to get rid of that? Installing a certificate? If yes wich?

    We want to give acces to our client to the plesk control panel... but we don't want that our client view this error...

    Ex. :


    Does we need to install a certificat for each domain? or we can buy one for all domain?

    Thanks for helping us!

  2. zartrix

    zartrix New Pleskian

    Dec 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    The same is happening to me...

    Any clues about this certificate error?
    Anyone can help?
  3. faris

    faris Guest

    Yes, you just buy an SSL certificate and install it.

    The first step is to go to server -> Certificates -> Add new certificate.

    Give a name to the certificate (this is just a label)

    bits = 1024

    Fill in the rest under preferences. For the domain name, enter the domain name you intend to use to allow people to login to plesk (the domain should also be already set up in Plesk)

    NOTE: If you want people to login from https://www.somedomain.com:8443 then you have to enter www.somedomain.com and not just somedomain.com in that box.

    Click on REQUEST

    You will now find that a CSR certificate will have been generated and you can copy this -- you'll need it in a moment.

    Go to your SSL certificate vendor of choice. e.g. ours (www.c1-domains.com)

    A "Standard" certificate will do for this purpose -- costs around $30 per year or less.

    Go through the motions of purchasing the certificate -- during which you'll be asked to paste the CSR certificate into a form. (note: if you are asked what format the certificate should be in, Select Apache if you are running apache or IIS if you are running IIS -- I think!)

    The end result is that you will be emailed (or asked to download) the certificate itself, and usually also what's know as a CA certificate.

    Once you have both of these, go back to Plesk, Server -> Certificates and click on the Certificate you added a little while ago.

    Now copy the certificate into the Certificate box, and the CA certificate (which often consists of two sections) into the CA box.

    Click on Send Text button

    Now the certificate is loaded into Plesk but you have another step to take:

    Back in Server -> Certificate, put a tick in the box next to the certificate you just added and click on the "Secure control panel" link just above.

    Logout. You may have to restart Plesk to get the certificate to start being used.

    Then login again from https://www.somedomain.com:8443 and all should be well!

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: None of this will work if you have Plesk running in a VPS of some sort. Contact your VPS provider for help with getting an SSL certificate installed somehow instead.


    p.s. this is all from the Linux version of Plesk but I'm assuming the Widows one has the same interface.