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SSL won't work on 443 - exclusive IP

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Analogue, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Analogue

    Analogue Guest

    I'm running plesk 7.5.6 on Windows 2003. The server has two IP addresses - one of which has the Plesk admin stuff on it and a couple of domains, the other is exclusive IP specifically for one domain and it's SSL.

    I have an exclusive IP address for my domain www.olsocdf.org & I've installed a RapidSSL certificate onto the domain. I've followed all the instructions to the letter & it seems to install ok.

    I have assigned the certificate to the correct IP in the IP Pool page & assigned www.olsocdf.org as the default domain for the IP.

    If I enable SSL in the Domain set up page and click ok, the domain then stops working on port 80 & you get pushed to a default plesk page which says that 'Hosting is not configured for this domain'. I check in IIS admin & the site says it's 'stopped' - it won't start up through iis either, when I try I get an error message saying the 'file is in use by another process' I guess because it's tied up with Plesk.

    I have successfully run SSL on port 9443 for this domain but this is no use as the site is for a government department which won't allow their users to access on any other port than 443 - a pain in the ***, but something I have to work to.

    I've been trying to sort this out for 6 weeks thinking I'd be able to solve it so I've been very patient.......that's now run out & I really need help to sort this. If anyone has had the same sort of issues it'd be cool if you could get in touch.