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Starfield SSL Certificate Installation

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jjmancini, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. jjmancini

    jjmancini Guest

    Hey everyone....

    I have a problem with installing the SSL certificate from starfield. I have tried the suggestions already on the forum, I'll let you know where I got stuck. It seems once the CSR was generated everything went well, except one step away from finishing the installation I get the following error:

    "Unable to set the CA certivicate: The CA Certificate does not sign the Certificate."

    Now someone suggested to put two files to gether, but I do not have those two files suggested. The only files that I have are:


    If anyone can shed some light on this problem, that would be GREAT!
  2. jjmancini

    jjmancini Guest

    Just pushin it back to the top... Any ideas?
  3. mortimermouse

    mortimermouse Guest

    Installing SSL Certificate and the Intermediate Certificate

    1. Log in to the Plesk 7 Control Panel.
    2. From the left-hand menu, select "Domains."
    3. Click on the domain name that the certificate is issued for.
    4. Click on the "Certificates" menu item.
    5. Click the "Browse" and locate your signed SSL certificate.
    6. Select the certificate file; then click "Send File."
    7. Navigate to the location of the saved site certificate you received from us. Select it, then select 'Send File' - this will upload and install the certificate against the corresponding Private Key.
    8. On the displayed list, click on the name of the certificate.
    9. Open the intermediate certificate (sf_issuing.crt) in a text editor and copy and paste the certificate into the box labeled "CA Certificate".
    10. Open the ValiCert root certificate (valicert_class2_root.crt) in a text editor and copy and paste the certificate into the box labeled "CA Certificate" below the intermediate. Note that both certificates must be pasted in this box with the intermediate (sf_issuing.crt) coming first and no blank lines between the two certificates.
    11. Click the "Send Text" button.
    12. Click "Up Level"; then choose "Setup."
    13. At the top of the page, change the "SSL Certificate" drop-down menu to the certificate you have just installed.
    14. Click the "Server" item from the left-hand menu.
    15. Click on the "Service Management" menu item.
    16. Stop and Start the Apache process.
    NOTE: Simply restarting Apache will not work. You must stop the service; then start it again to complete the installation.

    (Note: the GoDaddy repository is found at https://certificates.godaddy.com/Repository.go)
  4. grimbergen

    grimbergen Guest

    Hello, I'm trying to install a cert I bought from godaddy in my godaddy plesk hosting and amd running into the problem on step 13.

    I've installed the cert, and I return to the domain setup, but there's no dropdown to select my new cert.

    next to certificates, it just says "default certificate (Administrator's repository)".

    does it matter that I created it in the domain and not the main server?

    actually, when i tried to create it in the main server, i still can get rid of the default because it says it's locked to the IP.

    please help me proceed. thanks!
  5. grimbergen

    grimbergen Guest

    OK, I've figured out part of it -- I only have 1 ip so I can't assign the cert if i install it in the domain.

    So I've installed it in the main server, and it went in without errors.

    Then i checked the box next to the cert and clicked "setup", which caused Plesk to restart with the new SSL cert. I then deleted the default cert, and then I stopped/started apache.

    I went back to the domain to verify that the it had picked up the new cert in the setup screen of that domain.

    However, the "real" site is still using the default cert that is deleted! Plesk (accessed via IP), however, is now using the new, correct cert.

    How can this be? Did I miss a step? thanks
  6. XenoDave

    XenoDave Guest

    You may have to restart the HTTP service to get the new Cert to take hold.
    Server > Service Manager

    I have found trouble with installing the Cert in ther Server Admin section which gives me a "Administrator Repository" but doesn't allow me to select an individual site Cert for a domain. Does anyone know how to tell 1 site to use a Site Cert over the default IP/"Admin Repository" Cert?
  7. HostingSupport

    HostingSupport Guest

    Certificate Installs

    If you have purchased the server with the starfield tech certificate request an installation through a trouble ticket. Its avialable at No Charge!