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Templates that Allow for Banner Uploads

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 3.0 for Linux' started by StRoVe, May 25, 2007.

  1. StRoVe

    StRoVe Guest

    Does anyone know if there is a list of Template numbers that allow for customized banners to be uploaded to sites?
  2. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    As I remember this is the list of templates which allows banner uploading.
    This list was made for scope of templates from v.3.0.2.

    agriculture-001, al-02, al-03,
    as-02, as-03, as-06, av-074, av-137,
    av-139, av-140, av-141, av-171, av-195
    av-198, av-206, av-214, av-246, av-258
    av-262, beauty-002, beauty-003, business-001, business-002, business-003
    business-004, business-009, business-010
    business-011, business-012, business-013
    business-014, business-015, business-017
    business-019, business-021, business-022
    business-023, business-024, business-026
    business-027, business-030, business-033
    business-035, cafe_and_restaurant-001
    cafe_and_restaurant-002, cafe_and_restaurant-004,
    chr-01, chr-02, chr-03, chr-04, chr-05
    chr-06, chr-07, chr-08, chr-09, chr-12
    chr-13, chr-14, chr-16, chr-17, chr-25
    design_studio_002, electronics_001
    electronics-001, eug-01, eug-09, eug-11
    eug-12, eug-13, eug-14, eug-16, eug-17
    eug-18, eug-19, eug-24, eug-27, eug-28
    eug-29, eug-30, eug-33, eug-35, eug-38
    eug-39, fashion-001, fashion-002
    fashion-004, fashion-005, fashion-006
    food_and_drink-001, food_and_drink-002
    industrial-001, interior_and_furniture-002
    moto_car-002, moto_car-003, music-001
    music-002, night_club-001, night_club-002, night_club-004
    personal-003, personal-004
    personal-006, personal-007
    personal-013, personal-015
    personal-016, personal-019
    personal-020, personal-021
    personal-022, personal-023
    personal-024, personal-025
    personal-026, personal-027
    personal-028, personal-029
    personal-030, personal-032
    personal-033, personal-034
    personal-038, personal-039
    personal-042, real_estate-001
    spec-01, sport-001, sport-003
    sport-004, transport-001
    travel-001, travel-002, travel-003
    travel-005, travel-006, travel-008
    vap-02, vap-05, vap-07, vap-08, vap-09
    vap-10, vap-12, vap-13, vap-15, vap-18
    vap-21, vap-22, vap-26, vap-28, vap-29
    vap-30, vap-33, vap-34, vap-35, vap-37
    vap-38, vap-40, vap-42, vap-45, vap-46
    vap-47, vap-48, vap-49, vap-52, vap-53
    vap-58, vap-59, vap-64, vap-65, vap-66
    xbs-01, xbs-04, xbs-11, xbs-13, xbs-14
    xdim-01, xec-01, xet-01, xet-02, xet-03
    xet-05, xet-06, xet-10, xet-17, xeug-01
    xeug-02, xeug-03, xeug-04, xeug-06, xeug-07, xeug-08, xeug-09, xeug-11, xeug-15, xeug-17, xeug-18, xeug-21
    xfil-02, xkat-01, xmp-02, xmp-04
    xmp-05, xmp-06, xmp-09, xmp-10, xrot-03
    xsk-01, xsk-02, xsk-07, xsk-08, xsk-09
    xsk-12, xsk-13, xsk-14, xsk-16, xsk-17
    xsk-18, xsk-19, xsk-20, xsk-21, xww-01
    xww-10, xww-15, xww-16, xww-18, xww-20
    xww-21, xww-22, xww-23, xww-24, xww-25
    xww-30, xww-34, zeug-02, zeug-03, zeug-04, zeug-05, zeug-08, zeug-09
    zeug-11, zeug-13, zsk-01, zsk-03
    zsk-04, zsk-05, zsk-07, zsk-16
    zsk-17, zsk-18, zsk-19