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Training Spamassassin server-wide

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Deltafox, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Deltafox

    Deltafox Guest

    The new feature in plesk to train spamassassin worked a while for me, trained a lot of messages but now i comes with an error when i want to train.

    So i decided to train spamassassin server-wide with ham and spam myself at the commandline.

    1) Saved some ham and spam from my outlook at my hdd
    2) Upload it to the server
    3) Then train like this

    It says:
    Learned tokens from 100 message(s) (100 message(s) examined)

    Looks good!

    But now i wonder if i'm training spamassassin server-wide with this method?

    Does this really work?

    Anybody have some experience with this?
  2. renleon

    renleon Guest

    As I understand it, each email account has its own database. So email accounts must be trained individually.

    I would like to find out how you can make all email accounts use the same database so that the system need only be trained once.
  3. renleon

    renleon Guest

    I forgot to mention, when I have trained via the command line I used the following ...

    sa-learn --spam "c:/sa-learn/spam" --dbpath "C:/Program Files/SWsoft/Plesk/Additional/SpamAssassin/SpamFilterUserConfigsPath/email@domain.com/"
  4. Deltafox

    Deltafox Guest

    It seems like spamassassin bayesian filter has kicked in, a lot of spam is tagged right now.

    I think the way i learn spamassassin is really server-wide :)

    Keep in mind that the default settings of spamassassin enable the bayesian rules after it has learned at least 200 spam en 200 ham messages. The manual says that you have to train 500 till 1000 messages for better results. Training more than 5000 messages is not effective anymore.
  5. epura

    epura Guest

    spamassassin is not detecting spam


    I have spamassassin installed and I have it configure it like this:

    3 tag, 2.5 Quarantine and 7 block

    But it is not detecting spam, I'm still receiving spam on the email accounts...

    What can I do??