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unable to connect to database using new credentials...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by emsol, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. emsol

    emsol Guest


    New installation on new clean box...

    Setting up plesk server settings I enter the databases section and try to add a new password for mssql twice - then click OK but get the following error...

    Unable to connect to database using new credentials

    The page displays the following...

    Server *
    Microsoft SQL server administrator's login
    Old password ******** <<--- already present cant be changed
    New password [ ] <<--- text boxes
    Confirm Password [ ]

    On the left is a change password button but this is greyed out.

    Any ideas ?
  2. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    First, are you trying to change password for sa user, or you are trying to use another server? There is no such operation as "adding the password". If you want to change password, you need to click on change password button. If this button is grayed out, that means that you don't have a connection to the database. What color is the server status icon right now - red, green or yellow?

    Also, which version are you using - final release or one of the betas?
  3. emsol

    emsol Guest

    Hi Jaytee - its final release - fresh installation.

    First time you go to the databases section it gives you the option to change the password.

    When I said "add a new password" thats what I meant. However, the change pasword button was greyed out.

    I Needed to restart the server for something else and this is now working fine. Thanks for your help.
  4. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    Apparently MSDE was stopped or not accepting new connections - strange, but possible. Please let us know if you see it again.

  5. sansharin

    sansharin Guest

    i did password change using osql from command prompt, lter when i try change same 'sa' password through plesk system say unable to connect.

    msde is running! able to create DSN string and do a test connect with old password.

    question: How do i change sa password from Plesk 7 CP?

    it says unable to connect error!

    kindly help to resolve this issue.
  6. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

  7. sansharin

    sansharin Guest

    thanks, as you said i did and problem got solved.

    thanks a lot