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unable to remove an user

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by tomtom2002, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. tomtom2002

    tomtom2002 Guest

    hi all
    I try to remove an account of my customer
    but I got this error message:

    unable to remove client,
    problems occuring while removing domain,s,
    unable to create database object,
    unable to create database-dependent object,
    unable to connect to Mircrosot SQL serveur database

    Can you give me the fix?


    I checked , MS Sql server is running , lights are green , no problem...
  2. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest


    Did you try to remove this domain (user) from the PSA database directly?
  3. tomtom2002

    tomtom2002 Guest

    how do you do that?
    psa db?
  4. Nivahost

    Nivahost Guest

    What kind of MySQL (NOT MSSQL) manager are you using? Maybe MySQL Front 2.5 ? if yes then login in to MySQLFront as admin see under PSA database and find the table saying something like domain users or users, I am not 100% sure now do not have it in front of me as for now, but when you search in the PSA DB you will find for sure the user that you want to remove. Then highlight the user right click and Delete it. Then go to Plesk Web Admin and check if the user still exists (probably not) :)

    If you still have trouble to find it let me know and I can show you how to do it on a remote desktop connection on your server.

    Please let me know.

    You can contact me also via yahoo messenger: nivahost@yahoo.com