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Update 8.1.0 => 8.1.1 it takes a long time but it works ....

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Outlaw, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Outlaw

    Outlaw Guest

    .... on my server.

    After the first posts here in this forum I was not sure to start the upgrade from Plesk.

    But today I have a little bit more time to fix problems.

    So I started the upgrade on my 1&1 server with SuSE 9.3.

    First, the response of Plesk is very very slow but this was too at the upgrade from 8.0.1 to 8.1.0, so this is not new for me now for 8.1.1.

    I waited near 5 Minutes after start of upgrade and nothing happend, only "please wait". Then I was asked abut the mailbox for protocol and then I waited again more than 5 minutes (10 ??) with "please wait".

    In this time I have read some horror stories here in the plesk community and while that, I got a success message from Plesk and first I was a little bit happy. But my first happyness was gone away, because I saw Plesk version "8.1.0" ....

    So I tried to look after the Upgrade but there stands "autoinstaller is busy" ....

    Ok, I thougt, that here is the described stuck and I connected via Putty on my server. As while I looked for the Plesk restart options, Plesk was gone away completely, so I waited a few minutes again.

    Plesk was back, I logged in and see: Plesk 8.1.1

    I checked the Updater again and see again: autoinstaller is busy

    Ok, I checked Mail and the other things, no problems, so its time to wait again ....

    After more than 3 minutes, updater is back and ready for the rest of updates.

    Only Spamassassin is not running (need other updates), I started only the base updates and the rest is following.

    Ok, same game from beginning, update parts marked, updater startes, waited near 5 minutes for responding after "please wait" and after the mailbox question I wait now again since 5 ?? Minutes for finishing of that all ....

    As you can see at my server, maybe there is nothing wrong, it takes only a lot of time, no idea, why ....

    So give it a little bit more time, if you think it stucks. If you get a success message, then you have won most of the game.

    At the moment, my autoinstaller is busy again and I think (hope), this will finishing again in some time ....

    Sorry for my english and regards


    EDIT: corrected some misspelling ....
  2. Outlaw

    Outlaw Guest

    2 things to know makes it a little bit easier:

    1st: when you get a success message, that means NOT everything is finished, only the "war" has started !!
    2nd: you are not alone .... ;):D

    So, my installation is now finished an took round 30 to 40 minutes ....

    Good luck to all who have to start the update ....

    Good luck to all who got problems ....

    Congratulation to all who had luck like me and everything is running fine ....


  3. JDwebsites

    JDwebsites Guest

    I am about to upgrade. Did you have any snags?