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Update Plesk from 8.6 to 9.2.2 SSH

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by godoffg, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. godoffg

    godoffg Guest


    I have a problem.
    I dont can update plesk over webinterface. My Provider say to me do it over SSH. Because plesk have a error t o update from 8 to 9.
    But HOW???
    I dont know the commands. Could somebody help me.
  2. Nataliya Zagr

    Nataliya Zagr Regular Pleskian

    Apr 14, 2009
    Likes Received:

    To update or upgrade your Parallels Plesk Panel software using the command line of the Parallels Products Installer utility:

    1. Run the parallels_installer binary file, which is located in the directory /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/ on RPM-based Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS systems, and /opt/psa/admin/bin/ on deb-based Linux systems.
    2. Read the installation instructions displayed on the screen, and then type 'n' and press ENTER to continue. The Parallels Products Installer will detect your existing installation of Parallels Plesk Panel and ask if you want to upgrade it.
    3. To confirm upgrade, type 'y' and press ENTER.
    4. Specify the source of Parallels Plesk Panel distribution package.

    You can choose to upgrade from a local medium, the official Parallels Plesk Panel update server, or another site. By default, the official Parallels Plesk Panel update server is selected. If you wish to retrieve installation files from a local medium or network storage:
    1. Type 's' and press ENTER.
    2. To choose a local medium, type 1. To choose a network storage device, type 3. Press ENTER.
    3. If you chose a local medium, specify the location of psa.inf configuration file. If you chose a network storage, specify the address. For example, http://example.com,,
    5. If you use a proxy server, specify the following settings:
    1. Proxy host name and port number. To specify them, type 's', type the host name, type the port number, and press ENTER to continue.
    2. User name and password. If this proxy server requires authentication, type 'a', press ENTER, type user name and press ENTER, type password and press ENTER.
    3. When finished with specifying proxy settings, type 'n' and press ENTER to continue with installation.
    6. Select the product version that you wish to upgrade to: type the number corresponding to the product version you need and press ENTER, then type 'n' and press ENTER to continue.
    7. On a FreeBSD system, specify FreeBSD Ports Collection tarball URL, distfiles master site URL and Ports updating source, if required. It is recommended that you use the default settings. Press ENTER to continue.
    8. Select the components that you wish to install or upgrade. Specify the required parameters for the selected components, when prompted.

    Type 'L' and press ENTER. The selected packages are marked with [*] symbols. The packages that are already installed and do not require updating are marked with [=] symbols. To select or deselect a package, type the respective number and press ENTER.
    9. To continue with the upgrade, type 'n' and press ENTER. When prompted, confirm upgrading: type 'n' and press ENTER again.

    The packages will be downloaded and installed.

    Please, check the following article for more information:

  3. lvalics

    lvalics Silver Pleskian Plesk Guru

    Jun 20, 2003
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    I suggest to upgrade to latest PLESK by version to version.
    This mean if you have 8.6.0 first upgrade to 9.0.0 then to 9.1.0 (as I remember) and then only to 9.2.0, this is more secure as I experienced.