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Upgrade from 7.1.7 to 7.5.4 FAILS!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jvanv8, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. jvanv8

    jvanv8 Guest

    I am trying to update Plesk using the Updater and selecting 7.5.4 (currently 7.1.7, started out with 7.0.x) but it fails. The failure report states:

    Preparing for packages installation...
    ----- begin of output -----
    Installing mysql-3.23.58-16.RHEL3.1.i386.rpm
    Installing openssl-0.9.7a-33.12.i686.rpm
    Installing grep-2.5.1-24.4.i386.rpm
    Installing libxml2-2.5.10-7.i386.rpm
    Installing curl-7.10.6-6.rhel3.i386.rpm
    Installing mktemp-1.5-18.2.i386.rpm
    Installing db4-4.1.25-8.1.i386.rpm
    Installing pcre-3.9-10.1.i386.rpm
    Installing libstdc++-3.2.3-52.i386.rpm
    Installing libgcc-ssa-3.5ssa-0.20030801.48.i386.rpm
    Installing libgcc-3.2.3-52.i386.rpm
    Installing e2fsprogs-1.32-15.1.i386.rpm
    Installing bzip2-libs-1.0.2-11.EL3.1.i386.rpm
    Installing pam-0.75-64.i386.rpm
    Installing ncurses-5.3-9.4.i386.rpm
    Installing php-pgsql-4.3.2-23.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing php-4.3.2-23.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing php-mysql-4.3.2-23.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing php-imap-4.3.2-23.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing krb5-libs-1.2.7-44.i386.rpm
    Installing krb5-workstation-1.2.7-44.i386.rpm
    Installing httpd-2.0.46-46.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing mod_ssl-2.0.46-46.ent.i386.rpm
    Installing php-ldap-4.3.2-23.ent.i386.rpm
    Do parse ... done. frontpage_module already installed.
    Installing rh-postgresql-libs-7.3.9-2.i386.rpm
    Installing sysklogd-1.4.1-26_EL3.i386.rpm
    warning: /etc/syslog.conf created as /etc/syslog.conf.rpmnew
    Installing vixie-cron-3.0.1-76_EL3.i386.rpm
    Installing sharutils-4.2.1-16.2.i386.rpm
    Installing mailx-8.1.1-31.EL3.i386.rpm
    Installing plesk-libgcc-3_4-3.4.3-2.i586.rpm
    Installing plesk-libstdc++-3_4-3.4.3-2.i586.rpm
    Installing libxslt-1.0.33-5.i386.rpm
    Installing tcp_wrappers-7.6-34.1.i386.rpm
    Installing openssh-clients-3.6.1p2-33.30.4.i386.rpm
    Installing openssh-3.6.1p2-33.30.4.i386.rpm
    Installing openssh-server-3.6.1p2-33.30.4.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
    	openssh = 3.6.1p2-33.30.1 is needed by (installed) openssh-askpass-3.6.1p2-33.30.1
    	openssh = 3.6.1p2-33.30.1 is needed by (installed) openssh-askpass-gnome-3.6.1p2-33.30.1
    ----- end of output -----
    I have no idea why it didn't work or how to fix it?? Any ideas?
    -- John
  2. phoenixisp

    phoenixisp Silver Pleskian

    Feb 2, 2002
    Likes Received:
    You need to remove openssh-askpass-3.6.1p2-33.30.1 and openssh-askpass-gnome-3.6.1p2-33.30.1 then run the installer again. It wants to upgrade openssh but can't due to them being there. Once you've done the upgrade you can reinstall newer versions of them.

    #rpm -e openssh-askpass*