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Upgrade to 7.5.x problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by fardin, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. fardin

    fardin Guest

    I'm using plesk 7.0.2 windows installed on win2003 server.

    Some days ago i decided to upgrade the server to latest version on plesk.

    I requested my hosting co. to do the job.

    They tried 3 times to upgarde the plesk ,but without success.
    Each time they had to restore server from backup(Veritas backup ,not plesk backup).

    After latest restore ,I no longer able to use plesk control panel,as the service "PLESKMISCSRV" doesn't start with error log
    "can't find authentication package Plesk87824292-B2FB-4722-AF4A-55170C150F72 (1364) A specified authentication
    package is unknown."

    Now I have two problems :
    - My current plesk 7.0.2 panel doesn't work
    - I'm not sure how to proceed with upgrade .

    I have option of installing plesk 7.5.x to a clean new server ,then try to move site from old one,but I'm not sure if Plesk backup / restore helps considering current status of old server.

    Also manually creating of sites in new server is not an option as I have ~ 200 sites with lot more e-mails and settings.

    Any help / suggestion highly appreciated ,specially from Plesk officials.

  2. Ybuts

    Ybuts Guest

    I suggest you to use Plesk Backup to backup your old Plesk data and then restore it on the new server.