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Upgraded from 7.5.2 to 7.5.4 - Mambo fails with mysql errors..

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by hazzah, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. hazzah

    hazzah Guest

    I upgraded plesk from 7.5.2 through to 7.5.4 and this has caused major mysql problems with mambo.

    Via the admin user of mambo if I use a menu option that retrieves data from the db the following example error is given:

    DB function failed with error number 1030
    Got error 28 from table handler SQL=SELECT c.*, g.name AS groupname, cc.name, u.name AS editor, f.content_id AS frontpage, s.title AS section_name FROM mos_content AS c, mos_categories AS cc, mos_sections AS s LEFT JOIN mos_groups AS g ON g.id = c.access LEFT JOIN mos_users AS u ON u.id = c.checked_out LEFT JOIN mos_content_frontpage AS f ON f.content_id = c.id WHERE c.state >= 0 AND c.catid=cc.id AND cc.section=s.id AND s.scope='content' AND c.sectionid='3' ORDER BY cc.ordering, cc.title, c.ordering LIMIT 0,50

    Basically any call to the mysql database gives this type of error.

    As a test I installed a new mambo domain from scratch (i.e. created with plesk 7.5.4.) This also gives the same type of error. THIS IS NOT A DISK SPACE problem. And it does not seem to be a table repair problem (i.e. the new mambo domain has the same problem.) Can anybody shine any light on this and help me move in the right direction?

    Regards, Pieter
  2. hazzah

    hazzah Guest

    I must post problems more often because then I seem to find a reply immediately...

    So the problem is disk space. I thought my /tmp directory was not on the main root drive sda1... and I was wrong. And sda1 was full due to other problems I had with the plesk upgrade (cause and effect).

    I cleared the space and the errors have disappeared.

    The reason is mysql needs disk psave for temporary files. You can check where it wants space by entering the following mysql statement,

    show variables like "tmpdir";

    Mine shows /tmp... /tmp was on sda1 and sda1 was full... the error 28 messages then disappeared.

    I hope this may be of use to others.

    Regards, Pieter