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using MS DNS af public DNS

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by js1904, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I just installed 7.5 using Microsoft DNS as preferred DNS server.
    However my servers name is "bart.eze.dk" but my registered zone tranfer names af ns1.eze.dk and ns2.eze.dk - ns1.eze.dk shares the same ip as bart.eze.dk.

    so the million $ question is, should my servers name be ns1.eze.dk or is this not a problem?

    If anyone is using MS DNS, I would like to hear your expriences.

    Best regards
    Jacob :cool:
  2. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    You can give it however many A records you want for the same IP, it will respond to all of them. Though the server itself should have its full FQDN configured under the windows system preferences (or else windows DNS will complain). I usually numerize the names my servers (i.e. "cybernautXX.cybernautic.net") then give them A and NS records for whatever NS server they are.
  3. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    ok, thanks for the information!

    In DNS manager, right click the DNS server ex. NS1, and select properties.

    On the forwardes tab, would you type in your ISP here, and then type the local ip on the local nic? (or would you just use ISP dns on the nic?)

    how is it possible to automatic forward new dns informations, I mean when a new domain is added to plesk?


    www.eze.dk :cool:
  4. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    anyway -Sieb-, your website is way to cool!! :D
  5. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    You shouldn't have to mess with the Forwarders settings. I only use that with domain controllers for passing on DNS queries if its not the one resolving them.

    Whatever is your root domain (eze.dk), that server needs the "A" records for all the NS servers within your domain, along with the FQDNs of your servers if you want to. Your Registrar needs the "NS" records for the NS servers in your domain since these will be at the root level (we do all ours through MyPlesk.com).
  6. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    Hi Sieb,
    I got the dns up and running.

    But on the secondary DNS server, I have to make the zone (domain) before the records is transfered from the primary DNS.

    My point is, when a new domain (zone) is created in Plesk, a new Zone is created, but how is this zone transfered to the secondary DNS - automatic :: ??


    It's friday whiha

  7. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    Secondary as in secondary server? Its not. :D
  8. js1904

    js1904 Guest

    Hi Sieb, this is still giving me the f*ck*n creps...

    So, I got these 2 name server registered, ns1.eze.dk and ns2.eze.dk. I have one Plesk server in this inviroment. Running on ns1.eze.dk.

    I'm still using Microsoft DNS as my DNS. But this isn't all just fun.

    When a new domain is added to the plesk server, a new zone is made ex testtest.dk, a NS record NS1.eze.dk is created, and a second NS ns.testtest.dk is also created. But for christ sake, why is the second NS created? - and why can't I just add NS2.eze.dk as a template.. ? :confused:

    and of course the secondary zone isn't created on NS2 as well. :( ARGH!!!

    so as a workaround , remove the NS.testtest.dk in MS DNS Manager (under nameservers) and add NS2.eze.dk - and apply NS2 under the zone transfers tab as well. Then create a new secondary zone on NS2, and apply NS1 as master.

    so be it, if this was the case - BUT everytime a user is adding a subdomain, changing a dns record in Plesk admin - THE hole thing is back at the F*UC**N beginning!!! so I have to delete NS.testtest.dk againg, add NS2 and so on...

    ooooh no :D

    Jacob Schmidt
    Almost happy
  9. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    You can change the default DNS settings in the Servers DNS panel in PSA.

    On my servers, I let sites create their own NS record. Then when I set the site up at the registrar, I setup two NS records, one that points to NSx (x depending on what hosting server it is), and the NS.domain.tld that is auto created by PSA. This way at least one of the NS records will work right away for the domain till the others propigate.

    *NOTE, its good to have multiple NS records, especially if they are pointing to different servers on different networks that can respond with the right DNS records. Incase of a failure somewhere, your records won't expire (otherwise you have to wait 24-48hrs for propigation again).

    This is by design in PSA, same applies to all versions/platforms of PSA.