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Using the update tool through Plesk desktop update failed

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jadams, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. jadams

    jadams Guest

    I used the update tool to try and go to 8.1 Now, all of a sudden, I can no longer get to the desktop or pretty much anything other than virtuozzo. It tells me service unavailable. Please check Plesk status and click here. when I click there I get this:

    psa Active TasksRefreshUp Level

    On this screen you may start, stop, or restart your psa service, depending on its current state.
    Also you may enable/disable service's Autostart option.

    Service is Stopped
    Autostart is Enabled

    I click start, and it brings me back to Virtuozzo. If I log in using SSH and do 'service psa start', PSA starts, but I get a fail for starting Plesk.

    Any ideas whats going on? Thanks!
  2. jadams

    jadams Guest

    It appears I was impatient. It looks to be working now, just needed to finish installing

    What pisses me off, is that it doesnt have any real 'status', or atleast I don't know where to find the status of the updates.

    Another thing, when I went back in, it asked me to change my password due to a security vulnerability update, but it wouldnt accept the password change. Kept telling me it couldnt do it or wrong admin password. I ended up clicking on Desktop and it went straight to the desktop.

    Is this a bug, or what? Thanks for any info. :)