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VERY unhappy customer

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by John2897, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. John2897

    John2897 Guest

    I bought a Plesk licence from swsoft, I installed Windows 2003 and all the updates. I changed the default windows admin password (because I read somewhere that leaving it as 'admin' is a security risk).

    My friend installed Plesk for me via remote desktop. He got all my sites online but couldn't get the Mail functioning on all the sites (just on one). The upload via web panel has never worked. I've tried three different FTP clients, none of them seem able to transfer all of the files in one attempt. The only way I have been able to transfer files/folders it to use my external HDD and them reconfigure the permissions. The web mail (Horde) gives me a "page can not be displayed" error when ever I try to view it. Even on the site where the Mail function seems to be working.

    Now it seems, when ever I try to add a new domain, it gives me a Warning and tells me that the DNS resolves to my IP. Of course it resolves to my IP! That's what I want! It also gives me another warning, can't remember what exactly. I'm thinking of just uninstalling and trying something else.

    I bought this product thinking it would make things a lot easier after reading your ads. But it has been nothing but a nightmare. My customers, I've lost. My head is in pieces, and now I've found a similar deal at http://www.cubepanel.com . Its pretty much the same as yours, only its free! From what I've read, would I be correct in saying you charge extra if I want to let my clients use their own FTP? Cube Panel don't charge a penny!

    Now. I'm going to reformat my machine, reinstall Plesk 8.1 and give it one last try. If this doesn't start functioning correctly then I won't be wasting my time with this product any longer. I Emailed your staff with my concerns but they have refused to give me a refund. So I'm trapped.

    They say they don't legally have to give me a refund, so they aren't going to! Which is a great way to do business.

    I should of just stuck to the old Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration. Either that or tried Cube Panel instead.
  2. ColorPrint

    ColorPrint Guest

    Cubepanel is not free :)
    unlimited domains license cost 400$ per server
  3. John2897

    John2897 Guest

    That's if you want an unlimited domains license. 30 domains license is free.

    Plesk's 30 domains license is £117.

    The reason I asked for my money back is because my license expired after just a few weeks. I filled out a support ticket, clicked 'Send' and then found that I could not send a ticket because my license had expired. So then I tried Emailing them at swsoft.com. They confirmed that my license ( PLSK.00443253.0000 ) had NOT expired, but they have sent me another anyway. They didn't offer to compensate me for the time my server was down, nor for the customers I had lost. I told them I am not happy with the service and asked for my money back, they refused. So there really is nothing I can do. I've been robbed, but with swsoft being in USA and not in my country, I don't think there is much I can do. So I'll just use this until the license is almost expired and then switch over to Cube Panel Lite.