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webmail does not work

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by santa@, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. santa@

    santa@ Guest

    This morning I ran an upgrade for Plesk 8 released on April 25 and since then I can not access my webmail.

    Regular address for our webmail used to be: webmail.domain.com now displays the site (domain.com)

    I am on a dedicated server with Red Hat Fedora Core 2.
    Originally I've upgraded to Plesk 8 a few weeks ago and webmail worked fine. The reason I decided to run this latest upgrade, we've had some backup issues for a domain.

    Any suggestions what needs to be done to get to our Horde?
  2. santa@

    santa@ Guest

    Found answer here:


  3. santa@

    santa@ Guest

    gone again...

    Well, it did fix it yesterday, however later yesterday I had a time when I just could not get to it again. Today, I was able to access webmail but right now it does not resolve in any page, as if webmail.domain.com is a wrong address.

    I'm in no man's land. I have a dedicated server with GoDaddy. They own a license for Plesk but do not support anything past 7.4.5. Plesk folks do not want to talk to you unless you have a license... I made a mistake and decided to upgrade Plesk when I saw an upgrade available. Apparently it is Plesk that pushes those upgrades lists. GoDaddy does not have any control over it, although one would think that if you pay them for using Plesk they'd take some responsibility. Now, I am paying for Plesk and am not even able to access my mail.

    Beware, Plesk 8 is buggy!

    Don't repeat my mistake. Do not upgrade unless you have extra time and patience on your hands.

  4. kzumba

    kzumba Guest

    yes dont make this missatake plesk is just gotten shity if you ask me iam looking for a diffrnet suolution b.c this is a crapy solftware