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Webmail / Horde IMP - No Folders - No Password Change

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Anwar, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Anwar

    Anwar Guest

    Problems with Webmail / Horde

    I have the following problems with the Webmail / Horde (IMP) below:-

    1. No Folders in Webmail (Horde/IMP)

    I cant see any FOLDERS in Horde/Imp webmail apart from INBOX. There is no option to add / manage / delete folders whatsoever.

    I checked all the options, in Horde and Mail.... but no luck.

    I even went as far as checking the IMP "conf.php", but all the settings seem to be enabled in there. What could it be?

    Could someone help me out?!?

    2. No Place for Password Change in(Horde/IMP)

    There isn't a place where WEBMAIL USERS can change their own password (without accessing the Plesk Control Panel - which is silly really).

    I remember in the v7.0 there used to be. Also , in the Beta 7.5 there was too.

    My installation even has the /horde/passwd folder. So why the heck is it not working?

    Anyone have any ideas?!?

  2. estafit

    estafit Guest


    if have the same problem and use mailenable enterprise!
  3. Anwar

    Anwar Guest

    Well the thing is..... in your case (MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE) just try using
    IMAP Login, instead of POP3.

    However, in the case of Smartermail Pro and IMAP, the folders still do not work.

    Try Horde's IMAP login, and tell me if it works with MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE.

    Could u add me to MS Messenger


    I wanted to chat... and see if we can both work on fixing our problems.


  4. estafit

    estafit Guest

    now it seems to work with the enterprise version but i will see the folders only if I log in over "Cyrus IMAP" Server. Logging in with normal IMAP gives back an error if i try to make a new folder. i am still testing... unfortunatly i don´t have msn installed at this time. i only have an id on yahoo.
  5. Anwar

    Anwar Guest

    I'm glad you got it partially working.

    Mine works partially with SmarterMail, but it doesnt Poll and populate the new emails. It does allow me to create folders etc, and even shows me in the headings that I have NEW MAIL. But... it doesnt populate at all.

    Well, oliver, add me to yahoo then.

    my yahoo id is


    catch u later :)