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what is qmail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Synetec, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Synetec

    Synetec Guest


    i use postfix with confixx 3.0 and my postfix work great with reverselook for e-mails, header, mime_header and bodychecks. Only 5% of spam goes to spam assassin to check with this points. All other are fine blocked from mailserver with errorcode, so i dont need to delete it and have no risk to delete a wrong mail.

    now, plesk is the new star and i think to change to this with all features from 4psa for over 600 USD.

    Ok, plesk 7.5 Reloaded and VIP Bundle from 4psa and the horror is beginning. No postfix !!! A mailserver named qmail with no spamprotection inside. Only the Spam Guardian (Spam Assassin) with the white and blacklist and the points. I can marked as Spam or delete it. No redirect for all customer to one adress. What a hell !!!

    I use sendmail 4 years, then i go to postfix 2 years ago because the spamprotection is great. Thats not easy to learn a new mailserver. Now i fall in a trap. SWsoft use postfix with confixx and qmail with plesk and all my features are lost.

    Thats a great work and i´m very funny to pay 600 USD for the AddOn Software. Now i can go back to confixx but then the money is lost.

    Thats all great.

    Any people a workshop or test to change the mailserver from qmail to postfix ???
  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    The MTA doesnt decide which antispam features Plesk includes, both qmail and postfix are capable of doing most antispam things you would want to do if the feature is added to Plesk. I'd too like to see postfix, but not for these reasons.

    p.s. there's a $49 plesk addon for spamassassin integration
  3. Synetec

    Synetec Guest

    i mean the complet software for plesk costs over 600 USD from 4psa.

    ok, the big problem is follow:

    in postfix i can say thats valium in header or body is blocked, so the mailserver give a message thats the mail not come in because the word valium is in the header.

    in qmail, i can give points. I use a list and i can say that valium in body give 10 points. So the mail is spam. Now, i have to options, kill all marked as Spam or send it with **** Spam **** in Header. The first is not good, because 1 mail can very difficult and fail alarm. The second is the same as spam, only the subject is marked as spam. You can see most spam directly by header, so the feature *** spam *** is no lucky reason.

    The best option i need is:
    If the mail marked as spam, the mail is droped and the sender become a message thats the mail not deliver because it´s spam. And this only one mail for one hour to resolve a bounce.

    Thats possible ???

    Greeting from german.
  4. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    Your confused. Qmail does no filtering, its just meant for high volume transfering of email. Yahoo even uses qmail. Spamassassin does the actual filtering based on what it is taught is spam and its independent of the actual MTA. This is better because you don't want your MTA bogging down by doing ALL the spam and virus checking, plus its easier to keep up to date. ClamAV and Spamassassin makes for the best possible combination for filtering email, and matched with the speed, volume, and security capability of Qmail far surpassess postfix or sendmail. And you really don't need to spend and extra 600 bucks for it to do so, that just gets you a fancy interface.

    With PSA 7.5, the email can also be flat out rejected if it doesn't match any account on your server, or you can also set it to drop spam mail into the bit bucket where its never seen again. But I prefer to have the email tagged and passed to the user so they can decided themselves if they want it or not, or just set their Outlook to filter based on the header. Email being what it is, its the users discretion on what is spam and what isn't, its just my job to mark what could be spam and strip out viruses.