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What We have so far

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ddziuban, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. ddziuban

    ddziuban Guest

    Problems So Far

    Current Known Issues


    Breaks IonCube/Zend
    Breaks Qmail (drweb/spamassasin) still waiting from others
    Forces PHP SAFE - must turn on/off per domain (or group operations)

    FTP BackUP - Removed(?)
    HOSTNAME gets Truncated/Reset

    Anything else?

    Please just post the issue and not a question.

    Someone Posted a Link to a Plesk 8 Linux chat room

    Think it can be useful

  2. jchost

    jchost Guest

    Migration Manager crawling at 600KB/s between 100Mbit links.

    If you want a problem thread, may as well make it non specific to whatever OS.
  3. ddziuban

    ddziuban Guest

    Adjusted Initial Thread.
  4. jchost

    jchost Guest

    Traffic column on the domains page always shows 0.00 MB/Month. Clicking on the traffic button will show all the correct values.
  5. SergAlex

    SergAlex Guest

    Looks like we have the same problem with packagemng utility. Once updated with rpm --rebuilddb, not able to login in at all. Deleting __dbs files allows me to login (packagemng rebuild them), but after that I can't use rpm at all.