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what would be the best upgrade path for 7.0.4?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mousehouse, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest


    We have a server running FBSD4 with about a hundred domains on it. The server runs a standard 7.0.4 installation with 4PSA Clean Server and a custom Java install for Tomcat.

    Now, we want to get this server up to 7.5.x and have made several attempts which have all failed. We are fairly proficient in FBSD.

    Now, I'm interested in the best possible way, given that we do not have a spare server for migration purposes, to get from 7.0.4. to 7.5.x given our experiences so far.

    [summary of problems]
    The updater (7.1.5 or 7.1.7] will quit giving a MySQL error when "performing cumulative upgrade". Errors range from " Trying to upgrade SQL database... ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 53: Can't create t
    able './psa/report.frm' (errno: 121)" to duplicate column names I've seen mentioned in this forum. My guess is that my psa DB is somehow messed up when we tried to upgrade about 6 months ago. The DB works fine for 7.0.4.

    The FBSD installer is one big shell archive, I cannot run the individual tests / upgrades to verify the DB changes. This is irritating as the whole backup needs to be restored before another install can be tried.

    1. Can the PSA database be dumped somehow that only the client settings, names, values are saved that can be imported into a higher Plesk version. Eg. make a special dump of the 7.0.4. DB that can be imported into a clean install of 7.5.X ?

    2. Can the Plesk FBSD shell package be unpacked somehow to just run the PSA DB upgrade script?

    3. Is there some way to dump a complete client with all his domains, email and databases that can be imported in a higher Plesk version (no, doesn't work with swsoft's backup solution).

    Any insights greatly appreciated. All these upgrade problems have totally freaked us out.
  2. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest

    I've found out how to extract the shell archive, it's quite easy actually.

    For the 7.1.7 .sh just run "tail +19291 <installer> | gunzip -c | tar xf -" and watch you dir be filled.

    The big problem there is that the installer lives in the first part of the shell archive and the different parts (such as upgrading the DB) cannot be run seperately.

    Any clues?
  3. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest

    argh... this is starting to look like a log-thread!

    the installer runs two procedures that basically run the foloowing SQL:


    running "fix" manually doesn't give any errors. issues seem to come from the second one.
  4. stratigos

    stratigos Guest


    Did you come to any solution for your issue? I have the same issue, only difference is that i'm in 7.1.7 version willing to upgrade to 7.5.x and then 8.x version.
  5. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest

    In the end the only way to do a succesfull upgrade was use a second machine with a clean Plesk install. We then migrated all clients and domains to the second machine. After that, we migrated them back.

    As the PMM was highly unstable, we used the CLI-based tools to dump and import all domains. Errors were grabbed from the output and manually adapted. In the end it was nearly 20 hours of work on something that should have worked out-of-the-box.