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Where does plesk store its data?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by simpleicon, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. simpleicon

    simpleicon Guest

    In plesk 7.5 Plesk stored its information in the mysql database on port 8306 in a database "psa". However, Plesk 8.1 does not have a psa database.

    All I want to do is get a list of the domain and domain_id that I host! Simple right?
  2. simpleicon

    simpleicon Guest


    Figured it out. Turns out that Plesk 8.1 defaults do a different database management system (either MS SQL or JET) so I used the Plesk Reconfigurator to change the database back to MySQL like it is in 7.5

    Now I can see the psa database in MySQL and collect DOMAIN_IDs
  3. Leighm0

    Leighm0 Guest

    Re: update

    Got a question for you since you have now done this and I did not want to do this with a production server until I knew it would work. Did it transfer all the data from the original db it was using in JET/MSSQL to the MySQL db without any hassles?

    If so I might run the reconfigurator on our production box sometime and convert it over.
  4. simpleicon

    simpleicon Guest

    yes it did. I did it on my production server after testing on a non production server.

    It said it had 260 some minutes remaining with no cancel button as the processor grinded but it transfered everyting over to the db i specified. But it only took 15mins or less.

    the hastle I had with it was the password being correct. I had to reset/set the password for the admin account in MySQL before I started it. It would also disable the Plesk MySQL server in Services. But it only disables it if it doesnt work or you didnt put the right password in it. *shrug*

    I've done this for 2 of our production servers so far ... and have mail creation almost automated :)

    Anyway. Good luck.