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Wildcard / Catchall Subdomains. How do i make them ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Abdullah.Ahmed, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Abdullah.Ahmed

    Abdullah.Ahmed Guest

    I want to create a wildcard subdomain where
    if the user types a subdomain which i have not created like asdasdhkjq1.mydomain.com then he /she gets redirected to the main page (mydomain.com/default.aspx)

    However i still wanna make it so that the url remains asdasdhkjq1.mydomain.com in the address bar.

    I tried making a A record like this

    A * xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but it shows a plesk page saying no domain have been setup on this address or something.

    Anyhelp ?
  2. Abdullah.Ahmed

    Abdullah.Ahmed Guest

    Let me be more specific.

    I setup an A record via plesk such as this.

    *.dilchasp.com. A

    that IP is exclusively used by my site. So i was hoping to have all subdomains go to the same page (dilchasp.com/default.aspx) where i can then access the url and do the magic on it.

    However that does not seem to work. It takes me to a default plesk page (eg http://sldkjajds.dilchasp.com).

    Is there anyway to make that record point to a proper site ? Do i need to configure IIS for that ?
  3. JackL

    JackL Guest

    First of all:
    1. Host Names (or 'labels' in DNS jargon) were traditionally defined by RFC 952 and RFC 1123 and may be composed of the following valid characters.
    A to Z ; upper case characters
    a to z ; lower case characters
    0 to 9 ; numeric characters 0 to 9
    - ; dash
    Therefore you A record is simply ignored
    2. Just make site you want all users to be redirected default for that IP (Plesk CP->Server->IP addresses->on IP address row click host and select default site for that IP)
    3. On another IPs you can also set default site and create redirection to your desired site

    John S.G.