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XRMS Blew Up the Front Door!!! Please Help

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nhouse, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. nhouse

    nhouse Guest

    Ok, I am REALLY getting ticked... this may have been my own fault, I don't really know... that's what is so bad. However, I feel like the application vault script called XRMS screwed things up. At present, I cannot use the default domain to get into my control panel and the site won't resolve not display the index page.

    Please advise me based upon this chain of events:
    • In my primary domain, the one my nameservers are tied to and also the one I was using to log in to Plesk... I chose the XRMS application to test.
    • XRMS is some sort of contact, project management script set... I just wanted to test it out.
    • It seemed to install properly... and I was able to log in to it as the admin.
    • Next, I was just clicking on the links inside the thing, checking out the features and I clicked on the admin preferences to change the generic user name to my own. That gave me a "success" message as I expected.
    • Next, I clicked on a link called "Activities" and it gave some sort of database error at the top of the page... something about a problem with the user name. I didn't really read it that close. I assumed it was a MySQL error as I have seen in other apps in the past... figured it was just a bug.
    • Oh, also I had created one of those custom buttons for the application in the domain control panel when it initially set up. I also launched it from that button when I first went into it. Don't know if that has anything to do with it but I thought I'd better mention it.
    • Next, since it looked a little buggy to me, I went back into the Plesk control panel (which was open all this time) and clicked on the "Application Vault" icon for the domain to remove the installation. When I clicked on the Application Vault icon, the Plesk control panel blinked and logged itself off!
    • This was pretty spooky. When I tried to log back in to the Plesk control panel, it would cycle and go back to the login screen. I am positive I used the correct username and password.
    • At this point, I SSH'ed into the server and stoped / started the PSA with no problem... thought that might help. It didn't... Oh, and I was able to login to the server with my same old password.
    • Note: I can bring up any of the other created domains in my browser just fine but the main domain will not come up. It is "nhousemedia.net" by the way.
    • Note: I can get into Plesk using the IP address. This leads me to believe there is a DNS issue?

    Now, this is just a gut reaction... I think maybe the MySQL database for that domain got screwed up because of the XRMS application messing up. So, I went into Plesk via the IP address and disabled / enabled the domain... still nothing. I looked at the DNS records.. they look ok. I checked the domain with DNSreport.com and it looks ok there as well.

    So, please tell me this... could I simply delete that domain and put it back in? would that fix it possibly... or since that is my primary domain, will that screw some of the DNS host records up in Plesk?

    Please share your thoughts... and I VERY much appreciate all of your help on this forum.
  2. serve-you.net

    serve-you.net Guest

    It's not dns related, it seems like something stupid with the domain itself (ie, the contents of httpdocs). The domain does come up, it just can't find index.html. PM me if you'd like me to try and login to look at it.
  3. nhouse

    nhouse Guest

    Thanks for the offer, I may just do that if you have time. Back to my question above though... if I delete the domain and re-add it, will that cause any harm? I wouldn't htink so.. but I am still new to Plesk.
  4. serve-you.net

    serve-you.net Guest

    Nope. The only harm is in losing all of the data/configurations you have for the domain. Domains are completely independant of the admin panel itself.