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  1. Mac247

    Mac247 Guest

    I see that 9.2.1 is out according to the update.

    What happened to 9.1 or 9.2???

    Anyone brave enough to install?
  2. Mac247

    Mac247 Guest

    hmmm.... seems to have vanished!

    Maybe they released it early by mistake - so perhaps a new version is about to come out.

    The dates on the files were mostly 2 or 3 days ago.
  3. infogalera

    infogalera Guest

    Greylisting.... at last.


    Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2.1

    [+] Greylisting - Greylisting spam filtering is now available in Parallels Plesk Panel.

    [+] Migration Manager - New Migration Manager feature allows you to transfer your data from other Parallels Plesk Panel installations.

    [+] Migration from cPanel - Migration Manager now supports migration from cPanel to Parallels Plesk Panel.

    [-] Courier-IMAP shipped with Parallels Plesk Panel not supporting mailbox quota larger than 2 GB bug is fixed.

    [-] If DNS record <lists.> being duplicated if it exists in DNS zone template and a domain is created with Mailman mailing list enabled bug is fixed.

    [-] Autoresponder replying with incorrect FROM address when incoming message was sent to multiple addresses bug is fixed.

    [-] Mail aliases not synchronized correctly with corresponding mail account bug is fixed.

    [-] Incorrect hint for server-wide black list bug is fixed.

    [-] Messages sent to a mail group are not delivered to the sender when Postfix mail server is used bug is fixed.

    [-] New IP addresses not being added to Webmail configuration files, leading to inability to access Webmail bug is fixed.

    [-] Mailbox quota set incorrectly via API-RPC bug is fixed.

    [-] File manager unable to enter folder with name '0' bug is fixed.

    [-] Postfix not being able to send e-mail messages with attachments bug is fixed.

    [-] Outgoing mail from domain aliases not being signed by DomainKeys bug is fixed.

    [-] "proc_close() failed: mktime()" error displayed upon activation of new Firewall rules bug is fixed.

    [-] Qmail unable to write or delete smtp_poplocks, displaying errors like "Unable to delete expired smtp_poplocks: database is locked" bug is fixed.

    [-] Backup failing with "Could not parse status disabled by value '32'" error bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to authenticate via IMAP/POP3 after the upgrade bug is fixed.

    [-] Backup file content not being properly restored due to incorrectly applied restore conflicts resolution policy bug is fixed.

    [-] Client-related information not shown in custom button's query string even when it is required bug is fixed.

    [-] Domain aliases not inheriting domain's mail policy settings when Postfix mail server is used bug is fixed.

    [-] Red color of traffic indicator on a domain bug is fixed.

    [-] Acronis True Image Server Module not working bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to update scheduled task due to 'Object not found: Scheduled Task' error bug is fixed.

    [-] Spamassassin not checking mail sent to mail account aliases bug is fixed.

    [-] Parallels Plesk Panel not checking the availability of mailing lists created directly through Mailman bug is fixed.

    [-] No warning about remote FTP repository not being set up when trying to schedule a backup task to remote FTP repository that has not been set up yet bug is fixed.

    [-] Mail group members receiving messages with empty subject from "POP3 service user" when sending message to mail group bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to restore data from backup file larger than 2GB bug is fixed.

    [-] Database users not being restored properly during the restoration of a domain that already exists in the system. bug is fixed.

    [-] DNS records not migrating properly due to 'mail.<domain>.' CNAME record bug is fixed.

    [-] Missing link to the description of event handler variables in documentation bug is fixed.

    [-] Default language information not being backed up for domain administrator accounts bug is fixed.

    [-] Autoresponder trying to send autoreplies to spam messages bug is fixed.

    [-] Mail aliases using reserved system aliases such as 'info' not delivering mail bug is fixed.

    [-] Running PHP as FastCGI application causes 403 Forbidden error when trying to access the web site bug is fixed.

    [-] Autoresponder on a mail alias missing after the upgrade to Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0.x bug is fixed.

    [-] Backup Manager incorrectly reporting warnings as errors when used via CLI bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to access backup file with "Unable to find Backup dump object" error on openSUSE 11 bug is fixed.

    [-] "SMTP AUTH" option not working in Qmail, leading to inability to authenticate with Outlook mail client bug is fixed.

    [-] Postfix incorrectly reporting an error when mail handler returns STOP bug is fixed.

    [-] Statistics utility not reconnecting to MySQL and causing statistics calculation to fail bug is fixed.

    [-] migration.log file is stored in $HTTPD_VHOSTS_D bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to remove exclusive IP addresses from client and reseller template IP pools, where these IPs are still displayed as shared bug is fixed.

    [-] Wordpress not requesting the requirement to have safe_mode off bug is fixed.

    [-] Option 'check for simple mail passwords' not working on 64-bit systems bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to make an application from the Application Vault available to all users bug is fixed.

    [-] Webmail not working on a domain if domain's IP address was added after the webmail was set up on the server bug is fixed.

    [-] Inability to install Application Vault applications if open_basedir parameter is switched on bug is fixed.

    [-] Converted backup file is not recognized as a valid backup file bug is fixed.

    [-] Backup creation time is displayed in GMT instead of actual time bug is fixed.

    [-] Overuse policy cannot be changed if limits are already exceeded bug is fixed.

    [-] Syntax errors in SELinux policy configuration file on RHEL 4 bug is fixed.

    [-] Size of backup file located on remote FTP server being reported incorrectly bug is fixed.

    [-] 'Unable to get options for SPF filter' error reported when mail is sent from localhost bug is fixed.

    [-] Cannot remove non-existent IP addresses using Parallels Plesk Panel GUI bug is fixed.

    [-] Updating Parallels Plesk Panel license key via GUI hangs Parallels Plesk Panel under some circumstances bug is fixed.

    [-] IP addresses removed from Parallels Plesk Panel GUI are not removed from Apache config bug is fixed.

    [-] Backed up content of web users' websites is corrupted when backup file is converted to Parallels Plesk Panel 9 compatible format bug is fixed.

    [*] DNS Settings for a domain on domain Home page - DNS Settings button for a domain is now located on domain's Home page.

    [*] Configuring Parallels Plesk Panel to work behind NAT - Description of configuring Parallels Plesk Panel to work behind routers and NAT was added to Administrator's Guide.

    [*] Bugfixes and improvements - A number of issues reported by the customers were fixed, multiple other bugfixes and improvements were made.

    [+] new feature
    [-] bug fixed or removed
    [*] bug fixed and improvement made
  4. SacAutos

    SacAutos Regular Pleskian

    Aug 23, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I have CentOS 4. Anybody brave enough yet to install? How did it go and did it fix the 553 error??
  5. Mac247

    Mac247 Guest

    looks like it is official now as 9.2 - just had an email
  6. David Harris

    David Harris Basic Pleskian

    Apr 22, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Pyrenees, France.
    I upgraded from 9.0.1 earlier on Debian Etch, everything went fine.