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admin password

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by djustin78, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. djustin78

    djustin78 Guest

    how do i reset the admin password for sitebuilder. It won't let me log in.
  2. graffix

    graffix Guest

    I have the same prob :-(

    I opened a ticket, but no answer yet
  3. markg

    markg Guest

    Also have the same problem. It is no password associated with any login on the server. Wierd
  4. graffix

    graffix Guest

    welcome to the club of "LOST"-Passwords ;-)
    I opened a ticket to SW-Soft, but all are sleeping :)
  5. djustin78

    djustin78 Guest

    thanks for replying. Any info you receive from sw-soft would be greatly appreciated.
  6. stormz

    stormz Guest


    so has this issue been resolved for anyone?
    if so, what was done to fix it?
    step by step instructions would be greatly
    appreciated. thanks for any help.
  7. Tom-Swift

    Tom-Swift Guest


    Here goes the miracle solution, at least for me it worked. Since the Passwords in Sitebuilder are encrypted, no one can just go in and replace them.

    Here's a way of putting th root password back to 'sitebuilder' .

    Login to mysql.
    Use sitebuilder;
    UPDATE sb_users SET pswd='35cafb7a7a7ea2ff' WHERE login='root';

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regard's

  8. ChipMonk

    ChipMonk Guest

    and what this password will be?

    also what about the windows monster?
  9. Tom-Swift

    Tom-Swift Guest

    The password is exactly the one stated 'sitebuilder' wich is the default password when you finish the installation.

    I think that for windows, it should be the same thing. You just have to go into command line in Windows and use the same Query within mysql. You may also use one of those Desktop softwares locally to connect to the Mysql and perform the changes.

    Best Regard's
  10. Linkerbox

    Linkerbox Guest

    In case someone else has this issue in the future, we got the following from Plesk that worked for us, as the previous mysql command didn't work for us.
    mysql> use sitebuilder;
    mysql> UPDATE sb_users SET pswd=password('sitebuilder') WHERE 
    mysql> login='root';