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"Auto-installer does not work inside Virtuozzo environment."

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by stevie@, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. stevie@

    stevie@ Guest

    I have a Virtuozzo-VPS with SuSE 9.1. I used Yast to delete all packages of the pre-installed PSA 7.5.3 after a fresh install ("Reinstall VPS" in Virtuozzo). Now I want to install PSA 7.5.4, but the installer tells me "Auto-installer does not work inside Virtuozzo environment." Why is that so?

  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    Install directly using the RPMs or ask your provider to upgrade the Plesk application template on the hardware node.
  3. stevie@

    stevie@ Guest

    But if it is possible to use RPMs, then I don't understand why the auto-installer does not work. My Provider doesn't want to upgrade the Plesk application., and an installation with RPMs is much more difficult.