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autoinstall.plesk.com not resolving

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by tnreynolds, May 23, 2006.

  1. tnreynolds

    tnreynolds Guest

    Trying to do a new installation using the autoinstaller. It gets to downloading the first file and then it fails with the following message:

    Couldn't resolve 'autoinstall.plesk.com ' Can't Download http://autoinstall.plesk.com/version.inf3

    Even www.dnsreport.com shows that the nameservers are not responding authoritavley for plesk.com

    What is going on? Problem? Tech support were most un-helpfull.
  2. tnreynolds

    tnreynolds Guest

    DNS Lookup: autoinstall.plesk.com A record
    Generated by www.DNSstuff.com at 15:08:19 GMT on 23 May 2006.

    How I am searching:
    Searching for autoinstall.plesk.com A record at e.root-servers.net []: Got referral to H.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 116 ms]
    Searching for autoinstall.plesk.com A record at H.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to ns1.plesk.com. [took 197 ms]
    Searching for autoinstall.plesk.com A record at ns1.plesk.com. []: Server failure! [took 110 ms].

    Server failure. There's a problem with the DNS server for autoinstall.plesk.com.
  3. humando

    humando Guest

    Exactly !

    Same thing with the apt-get update on debian (404 Not Found on autoinstall.plesk.com)

  4. tnreynolds

    tnreynolds Guest

    Not a very good start for a prospective customer. You think they would train their tech support staff to have half a clue. The lady i spoke to told me they don't even use the domain plesk.com.

    Anyway i have had some success now, out of the two NS records one now seems to be responding ( So its a bit of a 50/50 chance at the moment if your lookup will get resolved. The other NS ( at this point in time is still not respoding to lookups for plesk.com

    You would think SWsoft would be able to manage their own DNS's a little better and train their tech support staff to apropriatley handle calls. I was told i couldn't be helped and to submit a ticket.. and here i was going out of my way to make a 10 minute international phone call to inform them of their faults.

    Anyway, i've sucesfully installed plesk on my Debian 3.1 server and I must say i'm very happy with the product. It just comes down to weather i am happy sending money to SWsoft to license it given the poor customer service.