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Better handling of SPAM?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by webcanada, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. webcanada

    webcanada Guest

    Hello there -

    We are a relatively small hosting provider using Plesk - and recently a number of our clients, particularily those who have had their e-mail addresses for a white (and surely have made it onto lots of SPAM mailing lists) have asked us to curb the SPAM problem.

    We already provide Spam Assassin as an option, but I can tell that it's not enough.

    My question is, is there anything we can do in Plesk to better guard our customers against SPAM? It seems that if you have an e-mail address from a large ISP (like our local DSL provider, or even Hotmail or Yahoo), they filter out almost all SPAM.

    Any suggestions?

  2. jwdick

    jwdick Guest

    First, make sure you have upgraded to the lastest version of spamassassin. Plesk 7.5.4 comes with version 2.6.4, the lastest is 3.14

    Second, I installed qmail-scanner

    Third, I enabled MAPS spam protection and added the following to the MAPS zones:

    After doing this, I noticed almost a 75% reduction in spam making it through the servers into clients email. I also asked for feedback from the clients and most agree that the reduction was very noticable.
  3. webcanada

    webcanada Guest

    Hey Jack:

    Thanks for the tips, I've turned on the MAPS protection, and copied your suggested settings.

    I've updated SpamAssassin using the Updater in Plesk, in fact, I just updated it the other day to the "latest version," but I don't know whether that updated the software or the rules or what ... how do you check the version no.? :)

    Also, what's qmail-scanner? And how do I install it?

    (Can you tell i'm very technical<G>)

  4. jwdick

    jwdick Guest

    Qmail-scanner is an addon for Qmail to help with scanning for viruses. Check out qmail-scanner here: http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net/

    Check your version of Spamassassin by logging into the Plesk control panel, click on <SERVER><Component Information> The version of all installed components will be listed here.

    The best way to update and/or install is using YUM and ART's repositories. Check ART's site at http://atomicrocketturtle.com

    On ART's site, you can read about Spamassassin, Qmail-Scanner and ClamAV under his listed "Projects". I recommend them. Helped me tremendously.
  5. webcanada

    webcanada Guest

    Hey Jack -

    Thanks for your further reply.

    I checked in Server, Component Info, and I have an older version of SpamAssassin (2.x). That's really weird, because I use the updater to update my Plesk!? I don't get that - why wouldn't it update the version?

    Since I enabled MAPS protection, SPAM on my e-mail accounts is virtually gone - wow. Thanks!

    I have bookmarked that ART site and will take some time to review and familiarize myself with what he's got.

  6. jwdick

    jwdick Guest

    The latest version that Plesk officially "supports" is 2.6.x That is why the Plesk updater does not update spamassassin to a newer version. The great thing about ART's is that he builds his rpm's with Plesk in mind, making the rpm upgrade Plesk compatible. As far as I know and have read here, none of his updates have broken a Plesk install. That is not to say that you might get an error message or two because not all server configurations are equal, but Plesk will not stop altogether.

    Glad to help with stopping spam!
  7. zeki79

    zeki79 Guest

    hi webcanada
    since you have activated MAPS, you dont have problems, that users cant send email throu the smtp server ?

    i had ...

    it is possible to check only incoming mails with the MAPS servers?

  8. Highland

    Highland Guest

    Handy stuff. One note though...

    Poked around the MAPS sites to see what they do and I found that jw's list was a bit off. Specifically spamahus was listed 3 times and they have a combo server. So I adjusted my list and figured I'd share

    Another note, be sure to stop spamassassin before trying to install qmail-scanner or it will throw an error. Took me forever to figure that one out.
  9. jwdick

    jwdick Guest

    I'll be durn. I hadn't noticed that I had duplicated some of the listings. Thanks!
  10. jcoulter

    jcoulter Guest

    Was just getting ready to post this same question, though I'd search first ... glad I did.

    Thanks for the answers guys, even if I didn't post the question.
  11. schatje

    schatje Guest

    Highland: How to use MAPS ? i can not find it on my Plesk 7.5.4 use FC1, and i never success install spamassassin 3.x with ART's repositories, so i still use spamassassin 2.6.3 :(

  12. Paulio

    Paulio Guest

    Hey schatje,

    You go to Server > Mail > Enable MAPs.