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can i restrict Site owner to publish

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.1 for Windows' started by cnu2k5, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. cnu2k5

    cnu2k5 Guest

    is there any option to restrict as a reseller particular site owner to publish the website.only reseller need to publish the website is it possible to do like this using site builder.if so explain me how.


  2. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    As I know there is no such an option. It is not possible to restrict Site Owners publish their sites. In this case you can try to use following workaround. You need to assign site owner to appropriate plan where "Allow users to modify publishing settings" option is disabled. Users without this permission can publish their sites only after a higher-level user specifies the publishing settings for their sites. So if settings are not specified publication will not be possible.
    If you need to make sure that customer will not re-write data on publication host you can switch following option in %SBDIR%\Web\web.config file:

    ShowPublishAlert <true, false> - Controls whether the warning "Your files will be overwritten" is displayed upon publishing the site.

    This option located within the tag
    and have the form of
    <add key="keyName" value="value"/>

    like here: <add key="ShowPublishAlert" value="true"/>
    Hope it helps.