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Changing IP Addresses on Plesk CP / Sitebuilder

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by NeuroPsyche, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. NeuroPsyche

    NeuroPsyche Regular Pleskian

    Nov 22, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Pennsylvania, USA
    I recently changed my IPs on the NIC cards in the Plesk CP and Sitebuilder server.

    I used to have them set as the public IP address, such as 24.x.x.193 - 24.x.x.205

    I recently redid my network to use 1-1 NAT. A NAT range of 24.x.x.193 - 24.x.x.205 > -

    I reconfigured the NIC cards in the Plesk CP and Sitebuilder server from the public to the internal NAT subnet of to 205. The subnet mask is, gateway,

    Everything works very well from public to the domains on the Plesk CP server. The urls/domains are working fine.

    What isnt' working anymore is Sitebuilder... At least it is not working correctly.

    I can no longer Publish any site. It says cannot FTP.
    In Sitebuilder Admin, if I go to EDIT I immediately get a screen that says www.<mydomain>.com/site/httpdocs

    The IIS location is not www.<mydomain>.com/site/httpdocs
    It is simply www.<mydomain>.com/httpdocs

    All my sites were set to the root directory of the domain and no longer are using SwSoft's default /site.
    I have no idea why it went back to /site

    When I go into the Admin of the Sites/Domains on Sitebuilder and check the paths to publish, they're set correctly.
    They point directly to the correct public IP.
    The path does not show nor does it go to /sites/httpdocs, it is set for simply /httpdocs...

    I wish there was a Sitebuilder reconfigurator as there is a Plesk CP reconfigurator.
    I ran Plesk CP reconfigurator and set all IPs to the correct internal network of 10.0.0.x,

    If anyone can help or give suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


    one other thing. Parallels... Please release Sitebuilder 5... we've been waiting for over 2 years now since the last release of 4.5... There has been no updates, no additions, nothing. I've been paying for the SUS and will continue to do so but please release a new Sitebuilder. I've volunteered one of our actual hosting servers for a beta test and your welcome to use it.