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changing template's font size problem

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by alaa., Jul 8, 2010.

  1. alaa.

    alaa. Guest

    hello ..

    Im having a problem with changing the fonts on my site..

    the steps i did was:
    1- login to cpanel and open file manager.
    2- open css file
    3-choose styles.css and edit it ..

    when i edit the size of the text font .. everything seems to be fine and updated on the site ..
    but whenever i make any changes in my sitebuilder wizerd and publish my site .. all the fonts and text effects that i had updated on the cpanel are set back to default template fonts..

    i learned programing by my own .. so i dont know where to find the default file of the text for each template to change the it to the font size that i want because most of the templates has very small fonts and i want to change it ..

    so if anyone can help me to locate the default template file to modify it and set the default values .. i will apreciate it :)

    thanx in advance:)
  2. Dave#6

    Dave#6 Guest

    I have the exact same question - any way to edit site content and publish updates to the site without affecting styles.css?