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Dr. Anti Virus block emails

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by palle, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. palle

    palle Guest

    Senders to the email address receiving following message back :

    "The Doctor Web Anti-Virus on "XXXXXXXXX.XXX" has found viruses in the e-mail coming from your address. The message was not delivered."

    Also if there is no virus included and also sending email don't work anymore. I tried to turn off the Dr. Antivirus but it wont stay off. Does anybody have the same problem and how can it be solved? I would like to turn off the antivirus servie. Thanks for any help!
  2. ICTTrend

    ICTTrend Guest

    we have the same problem
  3. palle

    palle Guest

    Ok that's not the best solution but at least it works. i killed the service at the windows service manager. Now the emails are passing without virus check.
  4. Trizone

    Trizone Guest

    Hi, same problem here, it looks like a update bug....

    It worked fine yesterday.
  5. elpato

    elpato Guest

    also our problem!

    the mailserver began to hang at 01.00 (night) Danish time
    The inboud que had 600.000 mails waiting.
    I've succesfully shut-down the Dr. web component and moved the messages from the inbound folder, so i can sort the "wrong" mails away.

    When i look in the dr.web folder at the log it says:

    [11/02/05 14:54:11 000023ac] DrWebMail: run as service
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] DrWeb ScanMail Service started
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c]
    Key file: D:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\DrWeb\drweb32.key
    Registration info:
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] Loading engine...
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] Engine version do not match to shell version. Aborting
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] Unloading engine (#1)...
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] Engine (#1) unloaded
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] Cannot load Dr.Web engine from "D:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\DrWeb\" or virus bases from "D:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\DrWeb\"
    [11/02/05 14:54:11 0000272c] drweb_scan_init() failed.

    sssooooooo i cannot load the engine... interesting :)
  6. elpato

    elpato Guest

    I've sent and email to dr.web and also sent a mail thorugh their support-system where i inform about this thread...

    lets hope they can come with an update soon :)


  7. lkamenir

    lkamenir Guest

    same problem here.. started today (11/2/05)

    For now, I selected "None" in the component selection for Antivirus.. Hopefully there will be an answer soon!!
  8. elpato

    elpato Guest

    on dr. web site, they announce that they will force an upgrade of dr.web


    Sure this is the case. Can see that my server has been upgraded (and defeated :p) by automatic update...
  9. lkamenir

    lkamenir Guest

    wow.. So it looks like this auto update from yesterday cause the problem we are seeing?!? - I hope plesk is working with them on this issue.. and there should be a quick solution.
  10. adminwebserver

    adminwebserver Guest

    I have had the same issue, at first i thought it was mail enable tho. So im on smarter mail now and i havent had any problems.
  11. webhostireland2

    webhostireland2 Guest


    This is a very bad bug.

    We spent hours today cleaning up this mess !!

    Seems like Dr Web have so much work to do.

    It would put me off using Dr Web for the rest of my life.

  12. adminwebserver

    adminwebserver Guest

    Alright, i just made the banner we have all been needing. [​IMG]
  13. jhankins

    jhankins Guest

    Same Problem! Arggh!!! What the heck?

    So what are we supposed to do now? I don't get it. Are we to install something...reboot....what?
  14. adminwebserver

    adminwebserver Guest

    the current solution is to shut off the dr.web service. or use smarter mail instead of mailenable.
  15. jhankins

    jhankins Guest


    Well I had already shut off. As for switching to another email program. I only just purchased mail enable and am happy with it at the moment. I guess I'm stuck waiting for the update or going for a third party command line anti-virus utility certified to work with mail enable and installing myself. grrr
  16. ThunderPro

    ThunderPro Guest

    Same problem

    We had the same problem, removed drWeb software and now we are up and running again.

    What alternative antivirus software do you guys use? Please post a message is there's an update on this story.

  17. EuroMaverick

    EuroMaverick Guest

    Same problem here too - any final procedure available in the meanwhile to get this fixed ? Pretty urgent, if you ask me...
  18. palle

    palle Guest

    Im wondering if this bug is in the windows version only? But i guess all we can do is to sit and wait. We are using AntiVir at the moment. And it works fine.
  19. Foxtrot@

    Foxtrot@ Guest

    This problem effected 2 of our Plesk servers yesterday, it took a full day to clean up the mess. Bad show for Dr Web. I wont be using that software ever again. :mad:
  20. Shorts

    Shorts Guest

    very poor

    yep hit me too, spent 6 hours yesterday going through 22000 emails, only to get hit again this morning. bah humbug.

    Come on Plesk/DrWeb lets have a solution for this, dont think leaving the AV off until you guys sort it is the best idea.