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Error using domain.sh

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Lonewolf, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Lonewolf

    Lonewolf Guest

    I am having a problem with the domain.sh script file when trying to add a Domain to an existing client account that already has a domain.

    The following is the API call being used:

    /usr/local/psa/bin/domain.sh -u "luckydomainbaddomain.com" -clogin "luckyloser" -login "luckyloser" -passwd "password" -dns "true" -dom_user "false" -www "true" -hosting "true" -fp "true" -fpauth "true" -fplogin "luckyloser" -fp_ssl "true" -fppasswd "password" -ssi "true" -php "true" -cgi "true" -perl "true" -asp "false" -mail_service "true" -ssl "true" -hard_quota "500" -python "true" -ip "" -err_docs "true" -webstat "false" -hst_type "phys" -log_rotate "true" -log_bysize "1024" -log_bytime "weekly" -log_max_num "5" -log_compress "true"

    The following error message is received:

    An error occured during domain update: error in hosting updating: Unable to update hosting preferences: User luckyloser already exists.

    Can anyone give me some insight into this problem? is one of my settings incorrect or what? This api call used to work prior to upgrading to Plesk 7.5.2


  2. Lonewolf

    Lonewolf Guest

    In playing around with the variable settings, it appears that the problem is stemming from the -login "luckyuser" portion of the api call.

    The -login option for FTP is required when the host_type = "phys" but it will not allow a duplicate ftp login name for a different domain?????????? What gives?

    Is there a place where I can find a setting to fix this? All my domains for a given client need to be able to have the same FTP login name.
  3. 0031

    0031 Guest

    No, unfortunately Plesk requires separate FTP accounts for separate hostings. Only subdomain user may be the same :(