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Expand purchase options?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by neorder, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. neorder

    neorder Guest

    okay, i have 5 plesk servers, i now wants to saprate their email and DNS to an additional single server (i don't have to run plesk on this server, aint i?) total will be six servers how should i purchase plesk Expand?

    from your website:

    so if i am correct, for each plesk server, i should spend 199(expand)+99(mail)+99(DNS)=397 USD, 5 servers will be about 2K.

    then for the mail/DNS server, i have to spend 199(expand)+399(mail server)

    actually i am quite confused. :confused:
  2. neorder

    neorder Guest

    and do i need to purchase this?

  3. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    You need to purchase expand for all 5 servers:

    5 x $199

    You need mail addon:

    1 x $99

    You need DNS addon:

    1 x $99

    You then need the 6th server which will do centralised mail to have Plesk installed:

    1 x $399 (the discounted version of Plesk exclusively for centralised mail)

    = $1592

    You don't need Master. I'd suggest contacting sales, you might get a small discount for that quantity.
  4. neorder

    neorder Guest

    from what i read your previous post, i understand that 199x5 is to allow me add new servers for Expand. is that correct?

    so i'm going to need to install these 1.6K software all at the new 6th server. after that, then i need to add 5 plesk servers into it.

    anyway, thanks for the info.
  5. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    DNS can be installed on the same as Expand or its own server, but not the same as centralised Mail or Plesk.

    Centralised mail can be installed on the same server as Expand or its own server, but not the same as centralised DNS or Plesk.

    Given your example I think you'll need a 7th server. You may be better off getting a VPS for the 7th server and run Expand and DNS from this as it will use few resources.

    The licensing cost will be the same for any combination of installations as long as you have 5 Plesk servers. Yes, you need 5 x $199 licenses - 1 for each Plesk server you want to use.