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FileMaker Pro and Plesk..?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by TheFOX, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    One of my clients use FileMaker Pro as his database

    And he asked me if I could host a solution based on the FileMaker Pro database.

    Well - I'm really don't know anything about this database and how it is run... So if anybody have some advice here it would be nice.

    For eksample:
    1. Is a FileMaker Pro database server needed or can it be run as with a ms access databse, where the database file just is uploaded to the server.

    2. Does Filemaker Pro has to be running on the server....

    3. Will it conflict with Plesk (any known bugs)

    I have been searching on google on this subject, but can't seem to find any answers where Plesk and FileMaker Pro work together.
  2. gumush

    gumush Guest

    Filemaker Server Needed
    Filemaker Server needed .

    I think it will not conflict with any software.
  3. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Thanks.... then it gona cost

    Thanks for a fast answer...

    Well that means that I have to buy the FileMaker Pro Server to offer my client that service, and that seems like overkill as his is the only one with that request... ;-(

    So that clear that..
  4. gumush

    gumush Guest