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FIX: Windows Install: Can't Connect to MySQL Server...

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by abner66, May 7, 2005.

  1. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    Ok, after approximately 10 Hours at trying different things to get this Package to even Install, here is how to get past that dreadful Can't Connect to MySQL Server...

    Please Note: This is for Windows Install Only

    1. Download the MySQL Administrator, and install it.
    2. Click on Catalogs, and click on any schema present
    3. Right Click in the Schema box, and click on Create New Schema
    4. Name the New Schema 'sitebuilder' (without the quotes)
    5. Click on Users, and Click on root
    6. In the right pane, click on sitebuilder, and ADD ALL available functions to root
    7. Start/Stop your MySQL Server
    8. Run the Sitebuilder Install Program

    IF the Above does not work, then
    9. Exit Sitebuilder Install Program, and bring up the MySQL Command line Client
    10. Enter your Password
    11. At the MySQL Prompt, Type: USE sitebuilder; [enter]
    12. Now, minimize, and re-run sitebuilder install program.

    Hope this helps!

  2. smurf

    smurf Guest

    Hi abner66,

    Thanks for posting your fix! - We're having the same problem with our Windows 2003 box and SiteBuilder.

    I have followed your suggestions but it does not seem to match our situation. I was wondering if you could spare a moment to see where we are going wrong?

    1. Downloaded Standalone Site Builder
    2. Downloaded and installed latest MySQl admin
    3. Installed MYSQL admin.
    4. Attempt to install SiteBuilder. Install hangs at MySQL setup with ' Can't connect to MySQL Server'.
    5. Exit SiteBuilder setup

    What do we do now? Do we need to create a sitebuilder database before attempting to run the SiteBuilder setup again? As it stands, the setup does not create a database so we're unable to connect to anything in MySQL admin.

    Thanks for your time!

  3. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    Might Try This...


    As a last ditch effort, you might want to try this...

    Make sure that you are logged in as Administrator.

    1. Enter MySQL and Kill the Current SiteBuilder Database
    2. Set the root password to Nothing.
    3. START/Stop MySQL
    4. Run the SiteBuilder Install Again.

    Hope this helps - please let me know either way!

  4. smurf

    smurf Guest

    Thanks for your reply!

    Problem we have is that we do not even get as far as getting an instance of the sitebuilder database - so we're unable to kill it or assign any user rights.

    I think we're going to have to look elsewhere.
  5. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    RE: Reply


    Did you change your root password to nothing, and then try running the Install again?

  6. smurf

    smurf Guest

    Yeh we've tried this. When we get to the MySQL setup page in the SiteBuilder install wizard we leave it with the default config.....

    MySQL Host


    MySQL database


    MySQL Administrator login


    MySQL Administrator password

    (left blank)

    Clicking 'Next >' just returns the annoying error message. I 've tried leaving this setup panel open and connecting to the database using MySQL admin but it cannot find any database to connect to.

    Slightly annoying to say the least ;-)

    I guess the only consolation is, that if the software is so buggy to the extent that it won't even install, I'm sure the rest of the software is just as bad. I'm amazed that Swsoft even makes this software public!
  7. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    I am sure that your problem is with the interface between MySQL and Sitebuilder Install.

    Was this a "Clean" install of Server 2003?

    If not, what Version of the following are you running?
    Server 2k3 SP ??
    PHP v. ??
    Is .NET installed?

    My current Install was on a Server 2000 Machine. I do have a Server 2003 Machine that I just finished installing.

    Supply me with the above, and I will try and duplicate your system....

  8. smurf

    smurf Guest

    Windows 2003 Server, SP1
    Plesk 7.0.3
    .NET 1.1
    MySQL v 4.0.20a
    PHP v.4.3.9

    Trying to load SiteBuilder on to existing Plesk install. So not a clean install.

    Thanks immensely for your help Paul!!!!!
  9. abner66

    abner66 Guest

    Is your version of Sitebuilder the Standalone one, or the one specifically written for Plesk?

  10. smurf

    smurf Guest

    SiteBuilder for Installation on Any Server - I think this is the only option for Windows 2003 servers?