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Forum Support

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by mac0310, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. mac0310

    mac0310 Guest

    I don't suppose anyone knows how big a company SW-Soft is. The reason for the question stems from my surprise at few people support these forums. Is it because the company has such a tiny customer base or is it because there are only a handful of us 'do-it-yourself' admins? Does the rest of the installed customer base just hemorrhage cash and buy support?
  2. mac0310

    mac0310 Guest

    Similar Experience

    This is interesting. I have called the DC office a couple of times and every time I end up speaking to the same person. The impression the site gives is that it is a world wide operation with offices in several countries representing it. This isn't a big deal I'm just curious. As much as I could indulge in theories until the cows come home the gut feel I have is that SW-Soft is headquartered in Europe. This would at least explain the awful English grammar in the code.

    I guess now that everything is working this is the best I can do for a post.
  3. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    They have around 200 employees ... SWsoft HQ and sales is in Virginia, USA ... SWsoft Europe is based in Germany, SWsoft acquired a company called Yippi-Yeah around 18 months go (they developed Confixx control panel) so that's why they have that office ... R&D and support is mainly in Russia.

    They're the biggest hosting automation developer on the planet I believe, it's good to get used to a small number of people, they're all very good at their job.
  4. mac0310

    mac0310 Guest

    Thanks for the information. It's nice to know that I've bought into something with substance.

    I agree with your comment about quantity versus quality of staff. I work in a facility with approximately 600 engineers and 550 of them are complete idiots. We could probably operate with a quarter of the staff and get more done.

    I like the Russian angle. I am having a lot of good experiences in this regard, take http://allofmp3.com for example. Great stuff.
  5. jamin

    jamin Basic Pleskian

    Oct 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I took approx 4 mths to make my decision on what automation software I used for my hosting facility. Many other companies claim to have a great quality product however they all lack depth in features and range. I found SW-Soft to have the best all round product range plus after sales support has been excellent. We have experienced the blunt stick when it comes to bugs however we have found that most are fixed quickly. I have several contacts that run other hosting companies and they run all kinds of software and they have nothing but issues with support and software errors. I feel I am getting value for money and sometimes more.....