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FRONT PAGE Does not work

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ibs2, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. ibs2

    ibs2 Guest

    Hello there.

    I'm having problems with frontpage extensions. Anybody has plesk 6.5.1 whith two or more hosted domains having fp enabled and working correctly?
  2. chrisw914

    chrisw914 Guest

    Same here everything seems to work except i get a 413 entity too large error when processing and if i try to use the search form i get http verb not allowed. I am using windows 2003 server w/ plesk 6.5.1
  3. ibs2

    ibs2 Guest

    Are you using w2003 server OR w2003 server Web Edition?
  4. chrisw914

    chrisw914 Guest

    2003 server enterprise
  5. ibs2

    ibs2 Guest

    Are you happy with your OS & Plesk or Plesk simply does not work (i.e. "it works at 99% but still you don't dare to offer hosting service with it to final customers because that 1% is critical")?

    I don't know if many of our problems came from the OS version, but plesk behaves in a different way for every domain.

    Sometimes, adding "domain.com_non_ssl" to frontpage publishing path works, others not. Sometimes adding basic auth is nice at IIS directory preferences, others not. I think i've tried every recipe in the forum, with both plesk 6.5 and 6.5.1, in demo mode and then licensed, and then upgraded to plesk power pack, which makes 6 different installations.

    Last error I've found talks about a problem with "PSASystemAppPool". As a different problem arises everytime, I wonder if there is a basic problem somewhere with our server or so. Something about those "routing problems" ddreams tells about?

    I supose is something about our server or OS because our plesk is the same for everybody (all six combinations checked), so what makes the difference between us and all that people that doesn't complain? OS and hardware.
  6. chrisw914

    chrisw914 Guest

    I have had my share of problems, most of which have been fixed thanks to Larry at DDIHosting.com. The only problems i am having know is the entity too large and the search form.
  7. PaulC

    PaulC Regular Pleskian

    Aug 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
  8. HisNibs

    HisNibs Guest

    Since SP1

    Since SP1 most features in my Plesk install have something wrong with them.

    FP is only a small part.
    My users also cannot log into webmail without receiving an error dialog. Then if they refresh the screen it comes up to the main mail page correctly. There are other places in the webmail where the same thing happens.

    Mail lists have no owner administration. This sucks.

    I have complaints from customers that it is taking as long as 1 week for mail to get sent thru mail-enable. One customer is simply sending mail to his account at work. Eventually it shows up.

    I would like Sw-Soft to include support for Merak mail. Since I have been using mail-enable I have lost control of the amount of spam pouring through the server. Maybe mail enable has a means for limiting spam and attacks against the server, but they are not obvious. Merak handled a lot of this stuff by offering a pop before ip and tarpitting which could catch dictionary attacks and shut off access for excessive attempts to send mail.

    I still am having issues running statistics. "Can't find Short Path" Even though I have made corrections to the path.

    I have requested a listing of the problems people have experienced with SP1 and Plesk with fixes and have not received anything yet from SW-soft.

    I don't know how much longer I can wait for some published solutions or the 7.0 release.

    I didn't buy into Plesk because I had time to resolve these issues, I bought into it not expecting these issues. I have been through this with another HC and would prefer to do with-out at this point.
  9. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    Here, too we are experiencing the same problems of the dreaded "413 Entity too large error".

    We have Windows 2003 Web Edition with IIS 6.0/FPSE 2002 and Plesk 6.5.1 and we are experiencing the same problem as well.

    It appears in the patch documentation/text for 6.5.1 says this:

    [-] Problem with large FrontPage Web publication eliminated.

    [+] new feature
    [-] bug fixed or removed
    [*] bug fixed and improvement made

    So they think they've fixed the problem, but we are all experiencing the same issue.

    Does technical support read these forums?
  10. Pauli

    Pauli Guest

    I am glad to be a member of this forum. Now I don't feel alone.

    Maybe we should start a PA (Plesk Anonymous) group where we can sit around and get drunk talking about how great Plesk would be if it worked.

    Here's just a few:
    1) Webmail doesn't work
    2) DNS just stopped working
    3) MSSQL Server is installed but I don't see it in Plesk
    4) I can't author using frontpage
    5) if I change ftp user/pass then it may take up to 3 time for WS FTP to successfully login.

    Some of this might be my lack experience so I can't totally blame it on Plesk - I've only been developing software for 12 years :)

    Plus there is a whole team of intelligent engineers and developers looking into these issues and it is still puzzling us all.

    Just thought I would add my two cents.
  11. shape

    shape Guest

    hehehe ...

    And you should add one thing to your list ...

    Plesk 6.5.1 doesn't provide imap (Well, you have to buy mailenable enterprise :D ) But I don't remember this as a requirement when I ordered the software.

  12. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    I'm disturbed. I sent technical support all the info about the machine Windows 2003 Web Edition, IIS 6.0, blah blah blah

    and here's the latest:

    From: SWSoft Support [mailto:support@plesk.com]
    Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004
    To: #####@#####
    Cc: support@plesk.com
    Subject: Plesk 6.5.1 on Windows2003 with IIS 6.0
    > Hello,
    > Try to increase MaxClientRequestBuffer as described on:
    > http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;260694
    >------ -------
    >Technical Support Department
    >SWSoft, Inc.

    That fix may work for IIS 4.0 and 5.0 but has no effect on IIS 6.0 (which ships with Windows 2003).

    (name removed to protect the innocent technical support person)

    Once a reasonable and valid response comes from technical support, you all will be the first to find out.
  13. PaulC

    PaulC Regular Pleskian

    Aug 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    You may want to remove the persons name completely, as the initials still give it away for me!

    I have changed this on IIS 6, it is now in the root of the metabase. I am still waiting for the client to confirm it has fixed his problem.
  14. Pauli

    Pauli Guest


    If I create a domain in plesk it adds

    domain_non_ssl and domain_ssl

    If a domain doesn't exit and you publish to a specified domain that doesn't exist frontpage responds "web doesn't exist, do you want frontpage to create it for you" (something like that) if you select "yes" then how does Pleask view this entry or doesn't it? Frontpage will not add the non_ssl and _ssl to the domain name.
  15. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    There are a few things you have to know about the c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml file.

    It can only be edited if the IIS 6.0 server is configured for "live" editing of that file.

    To turn on live editing of the metabase:

    -> Launch IIS 6.0
    -> Right click on the (local computer) -> select Properties
    In "Internet Information Services" tab -> check Enable Direct Metabaes Edit

    If you don't have "live" editing turned on, you have to shutdown IIS 6.0 to edit the Metabase.

    So now you can edit the metabase.xml file.

    Be sure to make a backup.
    Be sure to make a backup.
    Be sure to make a backup.
    Before you edit it -- so you can recover from a major mistake.

    Paulc, what did you add to the metabase.xml file and where did you put it?

    This is what I put in and publishing with FrontPage 2002 to FPSE2002 still returns with an error when the file is >500KB:

    -> Open Notepad and edit c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml

    -> Search for MaxConnections=
    -> In a new line add
    -> That goes before MaxGlobalBandwidth=

    Save file (if in live mode, if not you'll have to restart your shutdown IIS server).

    Tested... no, no cigar :(
  16. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    Has anyone gotten past the FrontPage publishing problem on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0?

    Technical Support is convinced that the IIS 4/5 MaxClientRequestBuffer referenced from this web site works on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0...


    ...as noted by this technical support reply:

    >From: SWSoft Support [mailto:support@plesk.com]
    >Sent: Monday, March 01
    >To: Network Operations
    >Cc: support@plesk.com
    >Subject: Plesk 6.5.1 on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0
    >Yes, but try to do it on IIS 6.0.
    >I think it should help. If it doesn't help, plese try to find another solution in Microsoft support/knowlege base.

    Seems either this problem does not exist or no one has any experience solving this "SHOW STOPPING" bug.

    Funny, Windows 2003 Web Edition and IIS 6.0 WITHOUT INSTALLING PLESK 6.5.1 works like a charm.
    IMHO, Plesk for Windows 6.5.1 will not work properly on Windows 2003/IIS 6.0 in its current form.

    I'm trying to be patient and Hoping-For-A-Patch-Real-Soon(TM), but the last technical support reply is a bit perplexing.
  17. siren@

    siren@ Guest

    If you bug the russians they do understand english and they can fix the problem. You have to bug them though.

    I don't know about anton except I don't want to talk to him after one experience.

    As for FrontPage, which is what originally started this thread:

    use domain.com/domain.com_non_ssl
    for publishing
    If a problem persists, go to the FP Manager and set all rolls

    At this point frontpage has worked for every server we have or manage.

    Forms - Only one email address in the to line. This is a mailenable problem.

    Haven't heard of others, other than search and I don't have any users using it and I personaly despise frontpage and don't have the time to code up a test system for search.

  18. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    Yes, as for FrontPage, ddreams, do you know of any solutions for the "413 Entity too large error" problem with Windows 2003/FPSE2002/IIS 6.0?

    I have yet to solve the problem of posting files >500KBytes. The IIS 4/5 Microsoft Knowledge Base article about creating a Registry entry for MaxClientRequestBuffer does nothing.

    Also, adding that variable to the c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml ISS 6.0 MetaBase configuration file does nothing as well.

    Has anyone discovered a solution yet (FTP is not a FrontPage customer solution).

  19. AdamF

    AdamF Guest

    Hey DDreams,

    When you say add roles to a user, do you mean go into the frontpage webmin and select the user who administers the website and select all the roles associated with that user. I have tried this but some customers still have issues. It seems to work fine on my machine every time. I'm not sure what is different.


  20. secretagentman

    secretagentman Guest

    Plesk on Windows 2003

    After must frustration, my company has dropped Plesk on Windows 2003. At this time, it seems to work (more compatible) with Windows 2000.