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ftp access to virtual directory

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by yaniv, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. yaniv

    yaniv Guest

    I want to give one of my users access to his virtual directory site with FTP.

    how can i create FTP user in one domain, that can access only one folder?
  2. Gris@

    Gris@ Guest

    Plesk allows only one ftp user for domain. If you even configure it manually from IIS and create hardlinks by linkd utility any configuration of ftp via Plesk will remove it.
  3. jbuts

    jbuts Guest

    Maybe, this feature will be included in Plesk 7.5.7.
  4. yaniv

    yaniv Guest

    one would think it is a basic feature...
  5. JackL

    JackL Guest

    Things are more simple :
    You can use webusers and they get access to they folder, and that folder will be linkd to webusers folder:
    Some steps:
    1. Create webuser, folder will be created.
    2. Write down permissions
    3. Delete folder
    4. Use linkd (resource kit for Windows 2000) or download from microsoft.com to create link instead deleted folder to virtual directory
    5. Add permissions which are not there

    John S.G.
  6. cybernova

    cybernova Guest

    yeah he is right ....