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Hello all! lots of questions

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by docdrags, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. docdrags

    docdrags Guest

    Hi i am new to Plesk and I have a lot of questions concerning the proper setup. Let it be known I am a newbie to server admin and dns setup so please bear with me.
    I recently required a virtual server through godaddy.com they are using plesk 7.5 reloaded for the admin tool.
    I have 2 registered Domains agapechild.us and agapechild.net
    I tried to setup the domains in the plesk panel but when i went to setup the nameserver entries on the godaddy site to (ns.agapechild.us ie)
    when i put that entry into godaddys domain manager it says its invalid and produces and unknown error.
    and in addition I can not access the ftp or ssh and when i try to use the file manager i can see the files that are there by default but i can neither upload anything or make any new directories.
    I am trying to run a Neverwinter Nights persistant world. and i cant get into anything to install the server software or anything.
    Thanks for any help in advanced.
  2. dats

    dats Guest


    first this issue,

    Contact godaddy.com and ask for instructions on how to create nameservers for your domains (I am assuming your Registrar is GoDaddy). I believe there is a FAQ about this procedure on the site.

    second, ftp, SSH etc.

    Ensure these are enabled for the sites. If they are contact the support team and ask them to check your settings.

    Have you viewed the flash tutorials and checked the manuals?

    Good luck with this.
  3. saericksonfl

    saericksonfl Guest

    same boat as you but i did get ns done

    I believe you need to go to hosting fthis is located at the bottom of the total dns control once clicked. Thhen enter the name server and IP address. This is found at godaddy.com and is in DNS control

    Hope this helps..at least that is what I did.