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horde attachments wont work

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by devindull, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. devindull

    devindull Guest

    Out of nowhere horde stopped allowing us to attach files, and the option Button in "Composition" stopped working. Would
    disable_functions = "dl,phpinfo,shell_exec,passthru,exec,popen,system,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_open,proc_terminate,proc_close" affect it?


    Ok PHP doesn't affect it, I reverted back and it was ok. Also, I searched the horde conf.php and it has "true" to enable attachment stuff.
    $conf['mailbox']['show_attachments'] = true;
    $conf['compose']['link_all_attachments'] = true;
    $conf['compose']['link_attachments'] = true;
  2. devindull

    devindull Guest

    I still have not gotten this fixed. Anyone out there know how to get Horde attachments when composing to work? The button to attach files isn't even present.
  3. riquel

    riquel Guest

    have you done any changes to your plesk /server installation?
  4. devindull

    devindull Guest

    No, but I now realize after some testing that Plesk doesn't support the new PERL versions. Which is pathetic, as many new server applications use it. So, I've done the "use.perl system" to get back to the old one. Even by doing so, Plesk is still entirely F$CKED so I have to do an entire reinstall and remigrate 128.2GB of websites.
  5. riquel

    riquel Guest

    lmao you seem pretty pissed of

    which platfrom are you going into?

    I bought my license from plesk thinking they were going to support for 1 year but they only did for one month so ... I think its better to buy it from your server
  6. devindull

    devindull Guest

    Unable to make action: Unable to manage service by pg_manage: Unable to start PostgreSQL. 1


    0: /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/server/restart_services.php:28 psaerror(string "Unable to make action: Unable to manage service by pg_manage: Unable to start PostgreSQL. 1")

    Jesus, I just did a freaking entire reinstall and PostgreSQL wont start, but everything else does. Heck with it I guess unless you have any advice. I'm using FreeBSD 4.11 with a uname script I wrote to pretend it's 4.9. I have about eleven FBSD 4.11 boxes that I admin running various versions of Plesk, mainly the latest, and they have NO problems. All compiled the same...
  7. marlon@

    marlon@ Guest

    hi , i am having a similar problem , how did you fix you situation