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I Really Wish Questions Would Get Answered By Support

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by JustinK101, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. JustinK101

    JustinK101 Guest

    I wish support from SW soft would monitor these forums. There are a lot of problems and issues posted on here that seem to be universal but never get addressed. It would probably cut down on the total number of support emails they receive if they utilize these forums more effectively.

    Also, it would be beneficial to make the link to the forums more obvious in the support section, or even add the forums to the main menu. It is very difficult to find. I found it by accident originally. Just my 2 cents.
  2. renleon

    renleon Guest

    I was thinking the same thing, I know forums are usually never an official support source. But having a swsoft staff member drop an answer in once in a while would be nice.
  3. TCP/IP Warrior

    TCP/IP Warrior Guest

    I agree! SPECIALLY when a certain competitor who will go unnamed for courtesy purposes has excellent involvement in their user forums.

    What good are all the features in the world without communication??? Nothing if you ask me.

    I guess the answer boils down to something like this:
    "If they cut down on support requests then they would not make as much money because they CHARGE a lot for support"

    Silly thinking if you ask me. SW-SOFT: What reveneue you will lose in support , you will make up twicefold+ in users.

    Just my thoughts.
  4. ArticSun

    ArticSun Guest

    It would be a shame to have to pay for support when a released product is just failing.

    Answers to the forums would be more then welcome.
  5. JustinK101

    JustinK101 Guest

    SWSoft support really sucks, and I am getting angry.

    Everytime I email them, they want me to pay. It's horse ****.

    My current Issues:

    --mSince I upgraded to 7.6 when I click and try add a new domain, I get the following error when click ok:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function PleskFatalException() in
    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\admin\plib\class.PhDomain.php on line

    -- I cant figure out how to upgrade phpMyAdmin to the newest version. It just doesnt work.
  6. ArticSun

    ArticSun Guest

    It's the same over here.. This afternoon I've decided to let them install it for me (at the cost of 120 euro)..... It's crazy that I have to pay for the installation of program I can't get to work, because it's not working properly...

    And even at this I didn't get a reply till now (about 7 hours later).... Don't they know things are going fast in this world?

    Now I;m willing to pay and even then it must take ages, I'm getting ****** as well..

    Guess this topic will soon be closed by someone from SWSoft in stead of helping out their customers...
  7. Livewire

    Livewire Guest

    Guys im with you all on this one, it is one of the most un-reliable product i have ever used on a Web Server both on Windows and Linux.

    Im still on the installer for 7.6 (upgrading from 7.5.6 which had a ton of problems in it) which is saying "applying hotfix to mailenable"

    Ive been installing it for 7 hours!

    Ever notice that the support forums are always the ones with the most posts and threads? Why dont SW just get the hint and put some techies on the forum.

    I refuse to pay for support, as i did before during the period when i had a web server die and i needed my licence key; i was told "youll have to buy a new one" so i complained and complained and eventually got the key.

    SW you need more testing for your products before flaunting it for people to buy it.

  8. bartje3

    bartje3 Guest



    Just figured out how to quickly fix the phpMyAdmin error after upgrading to 7.6:

    Go to C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\admin\htdocs\domains\databases\phpMyAdmin

    Edit the file config.inc.php

    change extension from mysql --> mysqli


    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['extension'] = 'mysqli'; // The php MySQL extension to use ('mysql' or 'mysqli')

    Now open phpMyAdmin, should work now !

  9. awpti

    awpti Guest

    We are having massive problems with the 7.6 upgrade as well here.

    Post install, all dns records are gone from the DB (so we can't see what exists), but are on the filesystem.

    You can delete a domain, but if you try to add the same domain back in.. Error: Domain name already exists in DNS.

    Attempts at adding an SSL Cert keep returning "private key invalid format" errors.

    We had to manually go through and, on each domain, click dns->default->check 2 boxes, Confirm, rinse and repeat. (160 domains)

    PLESK still has their support group on this server trying to fix the mess they caused by releasing incomplete software that wasn't ready for public consumption as upgrades go.

    This is day 3 of this issue and they still haven't fixed all of the problems.
  10. ArticSun

    ArticSun Guest

    My Installation has just finished... they promissed 24 hours... it became 7 days.

    When you send a mail / reply to the support team in Russia, it gets in some kind of general support mailbox. So everytime I reply on something, I get an other person who starts looking for it.
    This way PHP 5 has been installed by them twice, after an other het reinstalled PHP 4 etc.

    Now I still got one problem with the DNS.. maybe it are ISP settings.. but I'm no expert. Well I still don't receive e-mail... but they find it's a ISP problem, not that of Plesk... :(
    Any DNS expert here?
  11. Eric Dever

    Eric Dever Guest

    I agree with everything said here, many of us are having the same problems, we are having the identical SSL issue as above but no response as of yet from support.