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in siteb 5 access to embed icon

Discussion in 'Web Presence Builder' started by Mikeyr, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Mikeyr

    Mikeyr Guest

    I am having difficulty accessing the icon for embedding video, swf files, audio ,etc. into my web site.

    the little film icon at the top, next to the re-do button, is always grayed out and can not be activated.

    I am having to manually load in swf files and code using the html access, which I think is dumb and slow.

    I position my cursor, but nothing lights up.

    I contacted my server guys, hostway, and they looked at the install config file and nothing in it says to switch on or nothing to activate.

    They suggested maybe the template i chose, to begin with did not support the embed ,etc. but that does not even make sense. At the time of activate sitebuilder 5 for my web site design, there was not messages or nothing to indicate lack of support on the template for embed????

    anyone with same problem or have a solution.

    Can still do manual, but seems like a pain. in dreamweaver just point an click and all code created, only need to make some small corrections for version and such and bang it always worked. hundreds swf and video files embedded in my day.

    this is curious. all help greatly appreciated