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Install Sitebuilder 2 on CentOS with DirectAdmin

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Martin1982, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Martin1982

    Martin1982 Guest

    I was wondering why I'm not able to install Sitebuilder 2 on a CentOS 4.2 system running Direct Admin.

    There is a part in the RPM's where there are exceptions for cPanel, but I can't seem to find any customizations for exim or in my case Direct Admin, while I do meet all the requirements mentioned on the site.

    Is there a workaround or any other install package that I missed out????

    rpm -Uvh *.rpm
    Failed dependencies:
    php is needed by php-ioncube-loader-1.0-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
            httpd is needed by Sitebuilder
    >= 4.3 is needed by Sitebuilder-2.1.3-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
    -domxml is needed by Sitebuilder-2.1.3-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
    -gd is needed by Sitebuilder-2.1.3-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
    -mysql is needed by Sitebuilder-2.1.3-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
            httpd is needed by sitebuilder
    >= 4.3 is needed by sitebuilder-core-1.0-rhel4.build060322.17.i386
        Suggested resolutions