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Installatron seeking server for Plesk development

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by l0rdphi1, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. l0rdphi1

    l0rdphi1 Guest

    Installatron is interested in developing a Plesk version of our software.

    We are thus seeking a single, well-maintained Plesk 7.5 'Reloaded' server to use for development and ongoing support of the Plesk port. We will require root and administrative access to the server. The development and support of the Plesk plugin will not effect the running or stability of the server.

    Installatron (http://www.installatron.com) is a high quality, low cost auto-installer that is currently available for the DirectAdmin and cPanel control panels.

    In exchange for ongoing use of your server we will allocate three free 'Unlimited' Installatron licenses (one for the Plesk development server and two to be used as you wish).

    Please contact us to inquire about this offer. We only need a single server.

  2. Redah

    Redah Guest

    SW-Soft already has a high quality (okay, good quality, although it has always worked perfectly for me), low-cost (free!) auto-installer for the Plesk Control Panel. Works on various platforms.

    If all that fails, we still have ART's repositories. So... I'm not sure if many people are waiting for what you want to offer.
  3. Redah

    Redah Guest

    Oh wait, I just read your website... you mean scripts for the Application Vault? Or do you mean an entirely new Application Vault system? Since we already have the original application vault, and 4PSA Integrator, both great software.
  4. l0rdphi1

    l0rdphi1 Guest


    Installatron is a separate installation system that does not use Application Vault. It includes many advanced features, like Install Upgrading and Script Groups, and will be cheaper than any of the existing Plesk auto-installer options. We hope there will still be interest in our product even with the competition around.

    Thanks, Phil.
  5. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    Since it was recently posted that one of your competitors would *only* work with App Vault, I am now waiting to see if your Plesk version will be my next choice!

    Both the PSA App Vault and 4PSA's Integrator product are (IMO) 'ok', they do still have certain limitations such as install paths and for some scripts which require pre-setup (like modifying a file to define initial language), this is not prompted nor done. For experienced admins this is a minor issue, but for Client's or Domain admins who have no clue, they expect an auto-installer to do many things for them.

    Hopefully your Installatron product will be more than just a GUI to run the basic script installer. For that, we already have the PSA and 4PSA products....
  6. Triloxigen

    Triloxigen Guest

    Why would someone build something for 3 licenses, of he can build it under it's own name and sell it to get some real money?
  7. Sumaleth

    Sumaleth Guest

    Installatron uses both methods. We install without using the script's own installer wherever possible, but often it is cleaner to use the script installer.

    When we do use the script installer we also do the following:

    . Automatically add in the database details so that the user does not need to manually enter them.
    . Automatically fill various fields, where possible, such as 'email'.
    . Remove information, fields, and even pages from the installer that are not necessary in the context of auto-installing.
    . Insert useful information into the installer to help the user.
    . Many scripts also come with "notes" which give the user a breakdown of the things they need to do.

    So we do make it as easy as possible when making a call to the script installer.

    All upgrading of installed scripts is performed silently, with one click.

    Perhaps our original post was a bit unclear. We need the server to test our plugin, there's no building or selling involved.

  8. frozen

    frozen Guest


    We can provide this for you. I have sent you an email via your contact form explaining what we can provide access to.

    As stated other companies have also used the server to create and/or attempt to create software tailored for Plesk.

    Thank you.
  9. Triloxigen

    Triloxigen Guest

    Allright, I understand.. My apologies.

    Maybe I can assist you. I run some plesk servers.
    I'm a devlopper on my own so I will understand the problem if one may come up.

    But I don't feel much for giving root access, sorry.
  10. Sumaleth

    Sumaleth Guest

    Thanks to everyone who offered server access. Really appreciate it.

    Someone offered us an unused VPS server for testing and we have gone with that one. If meant less risk than a working server, and the chance to play with Plesk.

    Plesk Installatron coming soon...