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Localization pack install problem..

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.2 for Windows' started by mtdYazilim, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. mtdYazilim

    mtdYazilim Guest

    we have translate the language file from english to turkish taken from sdk and created to msi file. When we wanted to install, an error message comes like ;

    "1: An error occured while updating Sitebuilder database. Installation is not complate"

    After all, when we checked the admin>server>languages section we can see the turkish option but the page does not open with turkish lang. even we choose the turkish option.

    What we can do at this point ?
    Our product info are;
    Product name Plesk Sitebuilder: 4.2 for Windows
    Product version: 4.2.3 build080704.169

    Attached Files:

  2. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    It seems there is something wrong with custom language pack. I can suggest you to verify it and make sure that all steps which were performed for language pack creation are correct. Also, did you try to install any other language packs which are supported officially by Parallels? Try it, just to make sure that this is custom language pack issue but not Sitebuilder installation.
  3. mtdYazilim

    mtdYazilim Guest

    How can i verify my translated sblp file?

    i can install all of offical additional languages.

    compiler doesnt show any error message.

    I just saw below message, but i could not understand;
    Notice Task "AL" skipped, due to false condition; ('%(ItemType)'=='Assembly' And '$(MSNetToolPath)'!='') was evaluated as ('Assembly'=='Assembly' And ''!='').

    please help me to solve this problem.
  4. abobykin

    abobykin Guest

    Don't pay attention to this notice. Just install resulted .msi file to your sitebuilder's installation and check that all is translated.
  5. mtdYazilim

    mtdYazilim Guest

    compiler run without any problem and create msi file..

    when i try to install i got that error message. "An error occured while updating Sitebuilder database. Installation is not complate"

    if my xml file corrupted then why the compiler is running without any problem?

    by the way, turkish in the language list and when i select it, a little part of interface come translated not whole part.
  6. abobykin

    abobykin Guest

    Check UpdateTemplatesConsole.log file for details on Sitebuilder database update problem.
  7. mtdYazilim

    mtdYazilim Guest

    Finally i saw an error message about problem..
    FATAL SWsoft.SiteBuilder.Utils.Program - Page set (id='Fotogaleri') not found

    I check my translated file Fotogaleri only in <phase> tag.. i dont understand what is the matter?

    i replaced <phase>Fotogaleri</phase> to <phase>Photogallery</phase> and try install again. Oh my god! it's success :]

    my sitebuilder work with my own language now.. many many thanks for your help..
  8. savast

    savast Guest

    dont install v. 4.2 turkish lang pack plss added msi data download